Hometown has much to offer for summer fun

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By Ben Hyatt

Summer’s here and the time is right, for dancing in the street.
That’s right, it is definitely summertime in Harrison County.
Summer, when I was younger, was without a doubt my favorite time of the year.
Summer meant no more school for a few months and, to be honest, that was the bulk of why I chose summer as my favorite time of the year.
Now that I am older, I guess fall would be my favorite time of the year due to it being the time of hunting.
However, for the sake of the column, I will focus on summer and not what I prefer.
There will be much to do this summer and some of those things will be happening right here in Harrison County.
For those who find themselves strapped for money and not able to afford that trip to Jamaica, allow me to give some insight on some of the events that will happen here.
First and sadly there will be no Art Walk this year, which tends to bring so many to downtown Cynthiana for an entire weekend.
However, in its place, a number of art lovers have joined together to host a new event called “An Evening with the Arts.”
The event will once again take place in downtown Cynthiana but on a smaller scale. Anyway, it should still serve as a special evening for those who enjoy the arts.
One of my favorite events this year will be the second Kentucky’s Strongest Man competition, hosted by Cynthiana’s own strong man and co-chairman of the North American Strongman (Kentucky), Robbie McCann.
The all-day event will be held on July 14, at Leono’s parking lot and will include a tire-flip medley, car dead-lift and of course Atlas stones.
Come enjoy watching some of the strongest men in Kentucky perform at a platinum level competition.
Of course no summer would be complete without enjoying a few nights at the Harrison County Fair.
Each night promises to have fun for everyone, with carnival rides and events displaying some of Harrison County’s own local talents.
Check each week’s Cynthiana Democrat community calendar for upcoming events to enjoy.
Aside from events in Harrison County, there are always those favorite smaller trips that we all have come to enjoy.
Some of my favorite include a weekend at Kings Island, which of course has entertainment for everyone at a decent price.
There are also the lakes and trips to Kentucky parks where families can enjoy hiking, fishing and camping.
With all this in mind, I encourage everyone to enjoy their summer and not watch it go by from the living room window.
Get out and enjoy and be safe when traveling.