HMH introduces new massage therapist

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By The Staff

Harrison Memorial Hospital administration announces that Shae Bishop has joined the staff as a massage therapist. Shae is a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy and recently relocated to the area.     

The types of massages available at HMH are the following:

•Swedish/classic massage is a form of full-body massage relaxes the body, improves muscle tone and circulation.

•With injury massage, the goal of injury massage is to help the client become pain-free. Massage is performed on muscle segments with specific, deeper technique.

•Deep tissue massage is working with the deeper layer of muscle that holds soreness and trigger points.

•Structural massage is working with the muscles to put the body back into alignment and away from chronic holding patterns.

•Prenatal massage is a massage for mother-to-be after the first trimester of pregnancy. The massage relieves back pain and other symptoms associated with pregnancy and lend circulation support to reduce problems with swelling varicose vein and leg cramps.

•Reflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas in the feet that correspond to specific body parts and organs.

•Body scrub is the exfoliation treatment to improve the skin health. Benefits include the removal of the superficial layers of skin, improved circulation, immune function, increased energy, nutrient exchange, and moisture absorption through the skin.

•Chair massage is also offered as well.

Prices for therapy sessions are as follows: 30 minutes: $30; 60 minute: $45 and 90 minute: $60. Chair Massage is 30 minutes-$15 and 15 minutes-$8. Body scrubs are full body (25 minutes)-$10 and foot (10 minutes)-$5.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday by appointment. Please contact Bishop at 859-235-3553 to schedule an appointment. In addition, gift certificates are available for all sessions; please also call 859-235-3553 to purchase.