HMH brings color to hospital via local talent

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By Ben Hyatt

Harrison Memorial Hospital has become the home to many local and regional artist’s masterpieces.
While the walls of the newly built emergency room were still bare with common shades of gray and light brown, one Cynthiana art enthusiast took it upon herself to lighten the place up with a little local talent.
Karen Bear loves art and, for that matter, anything that is involved with art. From music to children’s drawings, every piece deserves audiences attention.
It was that same love for art which sparked Bear’s drive to see the Harrison Memorial Hospital walls become more alive with décor displaying local and regional artists work.
“I was here with the Rotary Club taking a tour of the new emergency add-on,” said Bear. “I saw the new walls and quickly thought of how nice it would be to display art by local and regional artists.”
After Bear took her idea to some of the administrative staff, the idea was placed on hold until two years later when Bear received the OK to start looking for fine works of art to be placed in the hospital.
“People need something to take their minds off the fact of being at the hospital,” said Bear. “There is negativity that is started from being at the doctor and art can capture someone’s attention and keep it off the fact of negative things.”
Now art is seen all over the hospital as new works of art are brought in monthly. From the administration hallways to the physicians’ offices, all one must do is open their eyes to see different artists’ works.
From photography art to quilting art, the dull walls that once plagued the hallways of the hospital now pop with color to all who enter HMH.
“We are looking at starting a student art section this fall,” said Bear. “We hope to have a student displayed from a different school each month.”
Mollie Smith, Marketing & Development and Physician Recruitment, said the art has not only served as a positive influence for the patients at the hospital, but for the staff as well.
“This has been a very positive project especially for the employees that walk the halls every day,” said Smith. “It’s something nicer to look at.”
Anyone interested in donating art to HMH can contact Smith at 235-3510.