HCHS student thanks teachers and program

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By The Staff

To the editor:

My name is Elizabeth Barron. I am writing on behalf of my teacher. His name is Jim Fuller. I would like for all of you to know that if there is a teacher who needs to be noticed, he would be the one. This teacher is not just any teacher. Mr. Fuller goes out of his way, and then some to help his students.

You see, in the high school there are teachers who try to help students all they can and we ‘thank you.’ But some students just don’t do well in school. Some can’t concentrate and some just barely get by. With these students, sometimes we get thrown to the side. When you step into Mr. Mattmiller’s programs, they try to help students make something of themselves. With the school budget, some programs like PLATO web get pink-slipped every year. You see, these programs help students who can’t do well in school and helps students finish school.

Instead of building a monstrous stadium, they should be thinking about us. Mr. Mattmiller and his team have given us another chance to show we can do it and the people who decide on the stadium should give us another chance to let us be something too. I guess what I’m trying to say is without these programs more kids will drop out and be barely getting by.

I’d like to thank Mr. Fuller, Mr. Mattmiller and his team and anyone who agrees with me on this subject.

Elizabeth Barron

HCHS student