HCHS speech team takes first in team efficiency at state tournament

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The HCHS speech team received first place in team efficiency in the state at the KESDA speech tournament last weekend.
The following team members competed: Erin Bradford, Lauren Shepard, Harry Smith, Kellsie Kennedy, Wylie Caudill, Alycia Schaum, Ross Smith, Jared Thomas, Amber Schools, Jacob Sanders, Marie Bowen and Katie Stein.
The team earned an average of 25 points per competitor making them the most efficient team in the state.  
“They also earned a fourth place overall, which is amazing considering that the team took only 12 students to KESDA and the team that took third place had almost three times the number of students competing,” said Harrison County coach Laura Sanders.
The following students won individual awards out of over 750 entries:
Erin Bradford: 1st in declamation, 6th in oratory, quarter finalist in broadcasting and prose.
Lauren Shepard:  2nd place in broadcasting, semi-finalist in declamation.
Harry Smith:  5th place in prose, semi-finalist in duo interpretation.
Ross Smith:  1st place in expository speaking, 1st place in oratory, 3rd place in declamation, semi-finalist in duo interpretation,  quarter-finalist in impromptu speaking.
Jacob Sanders: 2nd Place in impromptu speaking, 5th place in improv pairs, semi finalist in oratory, semi finalist in prose, quarter finalist in poetry.
Marie Bowen: 1st place in broadcasting, 5th place in improv pairs, quarter finalist in impromptu speaking.
Jared Thomas: semi-finalist in extemporaneous speaking and semi-finalist in impromptu speaking.
Katie Stein: semi-finalist in broadcasting, semi-finalist in prose, quarter-finalist in poetry.
In addition, Bradford, Smith and Sanders competed in pentathlon. To compete for this award a student must do five events with at least one event each in the following categories: interpretation, limited prep and original prepared.
These three students alone competed over 60 times from Thursday evening to Saturday evening.
Out of three competitors, Smith placed 4th and Sanders placed 9th in the state.
“This is an awesome feat considering both students are only sophomores and the majority of the top 10 pentathlon placements went to senior competitors,” the coach added.
The second state tournament will take place in March and the team will be taking nine members to competition.