HCHS graduation is Friday at Athletic Complex

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If the weather holds, the Class of 2013 will walk across the stage at the Athletic Complex to grab the piece of a paper that gives them admission to the rest of their lives.

Graduation ceremonies will be held Friday, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Athletic Complex behind Harrison County Middle School.

According to information released by the Harrison County School District, the gates to the stadium will open at 6 p.m. for those who have tickets.

While moms and dads, grandparents and siblings are filing into the stadium, seniors will be getting ready inside the high school. They’ll be taking photographs of each other and posing for their senior composite.

At 7:30 p.m., seniors and faculty will enter the complex from the south gate.

The following information was released by the school district for those who will be attending.

•We encourage the general public to dress accordingly. This is a graduation ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of the class of 2013. Please refrain from wearing any casual attire. It is our goal to bring some pomp and formality back to the outdoor graduation ceremony.

•Only the gate at the north end of the complex will be used for entrance and exit of the general public. All other gates will be locked until the ceremony begins. 

•No persons will be allowed in with food or drink. Bottled water will be permitted and sold at the complex. 

•Coolers are not permitted. 

•No smoking or tobacco products will be permitted on school property.

•No persons will be allowed on the field.

•No persons will be allowed on the field for picture taking.  No picture taking will be permitted by general public except from the stands. A complimentary photo will be taken of each graduate receiving his/her diploma. These will be ready for pick up approximately two weeks after graduation at the high school, and then at Richie Photography Studio.

•Handicap seating will be in the first row of every set of bleachers.

•The general public will be seated in the stadium/gym.  No one will be allowed on the field or track except for the graduates, faculty, band, and the guests on stage. 

Only guests with tickets will be permitted into the Harrison County Athletic Complex. The ceremony is not open to the general public. Graduates have been allotted 13 tickets each to distribute to those whom they wish to invite. 

The 13 tickets will be coded – 6 gold tickets will be coded for admission to the gymnasium in case of inclement weather. – Only those 6 gold tickets are good for admission to the gym. The auditorium will be open only to those with white tickets for live viewing only if the ceremony is held in the gym. 

In order to attend the ceremony, whether it is at the Athletic Complex or in the gym, guests must have a ticket.

•No persons will be allowed on the field from the time they enter the north gate. All guests will be asked to remain in the bleacher area behind the fence. 

•Small children will need to be under the supervision of an adult at all times. 

•No Frisbees or footballs will be allowed inside.

•Handicap parking will be in front of the stadium and the lot adjacent to the art room at the Middle School. These spaces will be marked. Hanging tags must be visible.

•Please refrain from bringing lawn chairs, blankets or reserving seats. These items will not be allowed inside.  All general public will be seated in the stadium.

•Once graduates pick up their diplomas at the high school, after the ceremony, they are encouraged to meet parents at Ingles Stadium (old football field) as a gathering place. Only graduates and school faculty will be permitted in the high school. 



Alternative Plan – gym & Auditorium Use – will be used only if the ceremony is moved to the gym


•Handicap parking will be in the lot in front of the band foyer, the cove outside of the band room and the tech lab and the bus lot. 

•Handicap seating will be the first row of seats around the perimeter of the gym.

•The only entrances to be used are the band room foyer and back gym entrances.

•The restrooms in the locker rooms will be used.

•Enter the gym through the doors between the gym and cafeteria. Anyone in a wheelchair needing to access the auditorium will be escorted through the school.

•All guests must be seated – no one should be standing in the corners, on the floor, etc. With the number of tickets issued for the gym, we should have approximately 1500 guests.

•White ticket holders will be permitted to enter the auditorium through the auditorium doors (closest to 3M) at 6:45 p.m. Guests should not be in the school hallways. 

•Guests who have white tickets are welcome to sit in the auditorium during the graduation ceremony.

•These guests must enter through the auditorium foyer, through the doors closest to 3M and present their tickets.

•Handicapped guests who need to use the wheelchair ramp will be instructed to park in the back, next to the greenhouses. We will have personnel in this area to assist these guests.

 •Guests viewing the ceremony in the auditorium may be seated at 6:45 – graduates will be in the auditorium to take a group photo prior to 6:45. Guests will not be permitted in any other area of the school. Graduates will be assigned to rooms in the front hall, downstairs, so this area is absolutely off limits to everyone except school personnel and security.