HCHS and staff missed by past administrator

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By The Staff

To the people of Harrison County and the employees of the Harrison County School System:

I have been in many places during my tenure in education and have served in many roles.  However, the place that always has had a place in my heart is Harrison County.  I have moved back to my home area in Western Kentucky and I am currently in the education field there.  When people ask me what my favorite school that I have ever worked in or that I miss the most, the answer ALWAYS is Harrison County High School.  This is due to many reasons, all of which make the decision very easy. 

I had never lived or worked in an area such as the Lexington area or Harrison County.  The students and faculty of Harrison County High School, as well as the central office, were exceptional people of which I have made many friends and carry that friendship out to this day.  The parents that I became associated with through either school or community were great to know and work with and I felt that I built a relationship there that could never be broken.  You are some of the finest people that I have ever met and know.  Any office that I go into will always proudly display the autographed basketballs from HCHS, along with the Jekyll & Hyde poster that was given to me by the cast, and various other things from when I was there.

The friends that I have made there, Raboo, Joe & Jenny Nichols, Amy Casey, Robert & Ashley Peak, Jim Schmidt, Danny Feeback, Mac Whitaker, Jennifer Hatfield, and the list goes on and on and on.  I could name everyone but could never get them on one page.  I truly wanted to send my best regards to your community and school system, and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Happy Holidays & God bless,

Chad A. Pruitt