Hassall family shouldn’t be judged; only God has the right to judge

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By The Staff

To the editor:

In my opinion, we can collect a general opinion about people by their actions, but unless we know them on an intricate level, it is impossible to know their full situation. So I am baffled when I read letters criticizing the Hassall family for selling their house.   

Where do you get the right to discriminate against someone you know nothing about? It seems a little hypocritical of you to say “It is a disgrace,” and “Put it in God’s hands” in the same sentence. The only one with the right to judge is God. So what gives you the right to judge this poor family? Are you, yourself perfect?

I personally know Michelle Hassall very well. Anyone you ask who knows her as well will tell you that she would never sell her house for material gain. I’m sure that the family didn’t want this. No way was this planned.

The Hassalls are a great family. That’s why they received the house, no question. I’m sure they’re going through enough as it is, they don’t need complete strangers with little to no knowledge of their situation criticizing them on top of it. If you want to say something, then I challenge you to get to know the Hassall family. Talk to them. Then you will see that these comments are merely random people babbling about something they know nothing about. The Hassalls are good people going through a tough time. Selling the house doesn’t change the fact that they are still good people.

Chris Brunker                                                                                     

Harrison County