Harrison, Nicholas and Scott County Health Centers Implementing Same Day Scheduling

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The Wedco District Health Department, which includes the Health Centers in Harrison, Nicholas and Scott Counties implemented same day scheduling on July 1.  
“Same-day” means that clients no longer have to make appointments in advance, but can now call or walk into the Health Center at 8 a.m. on the day of their choosing and get an appointment the same day.
“This is a real benefit to our clients,” said Crystal Caudill-Miller, public health director.  “We have many clients who in the past have had to adjust their work schedules or arrange for transportation to an appointment. Now the clients can come when it is convenient for them – we work on their schedules.”
While the change in scheduling is primarily driven to improve the experience for the clients, the Health Department also expects to see benefits for the staff as well.  
There has historically been a high ‘no-show’ rate for appointments in all the Health Centers, usually in the 30-40 percent range.  
Other Health Departments in the state who have already implemented same day scheduling are now seeing a ‘no-show’ rate of less than 2 percent.
“In today’s budget climate in public health, that translates into a much more efficient use of staff and other resources,” said Miller.
For clients to have the best chance of getting the appointment they desire, they should call the appointment line first thing in the morning or walk in when the doors open at 8 a.m.  
The appointment line for Harrison County Health Center is 859-234-2842, Nicholas County Health Center is 859-289-2188 and Scott County Health Center is 502-863-3971.  
When clients have completed their visit and need to return for follow-up, they are given a reminder card telling them an approximate date to call for their same day appointment.