Harrison Memorial Hospital offers new online service for customers

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On April 8, Harrison Memorial Hospital unveiled its interactive website portal called HMHmyhealth! This new resource, found on our HMH website, will empower patients and families to take a more active role in their health care by providing easy, secure access to their very own health information.    
This health information will include laboratory and radiology results, discharge medications, a list of patient allergies, demographic information, histories of your medical visits, discharge/aftercare instructions and more.    
In addition to monitoring their own information, parents and healthcare proxies with authorized consent will appreciate the ability to access the records of those individuals for whom they manage care. With HMHmyhealth! patient portal, a person may designate a portal proxy to access his or her health information. The proxy will have online access and view all portions of the individual health record. In order to designate a proxy, an authorization form will need to be completed from the Health Information Department. You may contact the department at 859-235-3526.     
Online scheduling conveniences include:
• Request and track hospital-based appointments online.
• Request appointments for specific timeframes.
• Receive email notification once an appointment is scheduled.
A central appointment page will display your list of scheduled, pending hospital appointments, where users can view appointment details and, if necessary, reschedule appointments.    
In addition, HMH will offer electronic payment in the near future. Patients will be able to access their billing statements and outstanding balances and, for even greater convenience, submit electronic payments via credit card at the click of a button.
All of the health information in the HMHmyhealth! portal comes from the individual’s HMH electronic medical record. The individual and/or the designated proxy will be the only people to access the portal. All portal passwords are encrypted and URLs are rewritten so they cannot be copied and pasted. A timeout feature protects the information if the page is open longer than the allotted timeframe.     
“Adding the HMHmyhealth! feature to our website is a tremendous convenience for our patients. It allows them to access their own health information any time of day,” says Sheila Currans, HMH Chief Executive Officer. “We hope, by having access to their information, our patients will take an even more active role in their health. We believe patients who actively participate in their care become healthier individuals.”    
Patients interested in enrolling in HMHmyhealth! should contact the Health Information Department at 859-235-3526 or stop by the office located at HMH. After enrolling through the department, you may access the HMHmyhealth! through the HMH website at harrisonmemhosp.com/myhealth.
HMH encourages all of its patients to enroll in HMHmyhealth! as it presents a valuable opportunity for patients and their families to actively participate in their care, which contributes to better health.