Harrison Family Court

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Judge Barbara Paul
presiding Dec. 5, 2012
Troy David Brewer vs. Ann Marie Brewer, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Rachel Marie Maynard vs. Steven Paul Maynard, domestic; pass to be re-noticed.
Chester Ray Aubrey Jr. vs. Leslie Deanna Aubrey, review; agreed order entered.
Marshall Kevin Hicks vs. Dawn D. Hicks, motion hour; passed to be re-noticed.
Marilyn Marie Mitchell vs. Clarence E. Little Jr., review; agreed order entered.
Helen Jean Sheldon vs. Marshall Wayne Sheldon, motion hour; (motion to amend prior order), agreed order entered.
Elizabeth Maria Wilson vs. Victor Alonso Martinez, domestic violence; EPO withdrawn, petition dismissed by prior agreement.
Kayla Michelle Cole vs. Larkin Leroy Price Jr., review; remand from docket.
Kelli Jean Kinney vs. Jeffery Lynn Tomlin, motion hour; (motion to amend prior order), passed to be re-noticed.