Harrison Family Court

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Judge Barbara Paul

presiding Aug. 21, 2013


Megan Renee Doyle vs. Jeffrey Wayne Combs, motion hour; judgment and repayment order entered.

Brandy Moran vs. Moran Pedro Diaz, motion hour; motion for child support, child support set.

Linda Niezgoda vs. Richard Flicker, motion hour; order remanding previously entered.

Stephanie Neace vs. Glen Edward Neace, motion hour; motion for child support, order of support previously entered.

Linda Aubrey vs. John Robert Aubrey Jr., motion hour; remand from docket.

Ladonna M. Haynes vs. Phillip Haynes, motion hour; agreed order of support entered.

Kathy Lynn vs. Jeffrey Lynn, motion hour; agreed order of support entered.

Charlotte Ann Reffett vs. Jerrica McCord, motion hour; motion for DNA, order for DNA testing entered.

Terrell Mitchell Sutton vs. Tabitha Nechelle Sutton, motion hour, motion for child support, order entered.

William Dwayne Denton vs. Amanda Ross Denton, motion hour; agreed order entered, passed to be re-noticed.

Catherine Duncan vs. Kevin Alan Duncan, motion hour; passed to be re-noticed.

Katrina Lamb vs. Michael E. Lamb, motion hour; motion for contempt, re-noticed.

Kathy Marie Lynn vs. Jeffrey William Lynn, motion hour; motion for visitation, passed to be re-noticed.

Lacey Nicole Buckley vs. Robert Lee Jacobs, review; visits ok per prevention plan.


Martha Reno vs. Mary Reno Lang, review; remand from docket.

Rachel Michelle Collins vs. Matthew Ray Collins, domestic violence; EPO withdrawn, petition dismissed.

Carl R. Jervis vs. Frankie L. Cox, domestic violence; withdraw EPO.

Kameko Dawn Jervis vs. Frankie Lee Cox, domestic violence; by agreement non-violent contact order.

Christina Ann Dietrich vs. Wallace Earl Dietrich, domestic violence; non-violent contact order.

 Sonya Ann Kiskaden vs. Sanford Dee Kiskaden, domestic violence; dismissed, withdraw EPO.