Harrison Family Court

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Judge Barbara Paul
presiding May 15, 2013
Teresa Barnes vs. Chad Allen Barnes, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Keith Lynn Brock vs. Jessica Lynn Brock, domestic; passed to be re-noticed.
Cheryl Marie Faulkner vs. William K. Faulkner, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Flossie Virginia Lambert vs. Donald K. Lambert, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
James Lewis Sosbe vs. Trudy Tod Sosbe, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Robert L. Walker vs. Benita C. Walker, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Jessica Marie Webb vs. Stephen Herman Webb, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Meggan Diane Barnett vs. Steven Andrew Collins, motion hour; (motion for temporary custody), agreement order entered.
Henry Elam vs. Casandra Elam, motion hour; motion re-noticed from October 2009 is overruled.
Eddie D. Ison vs. Naomi I Emmons-Ison, motion hour; status quo order entered, temporary agreement order entered.
Harry Theodore Hempy vs. Tomya Gae Hempy, motion hour; passed to be re-noticed.
Katrina Lamb vs. Michael E. Lamb, motion hour; motion to suspend timesharing overruled, motion to enforce - all medicals since January 2011 to be reimbursed.
Richard Phillips Jr. vs. Lorene Carol Phillips, motion hour; (motion for termination of child support), overruled.
Jessie A. Florence vs. Marlyn Layne Whitaker, motion hour; agreed orders tendered.
Barbara Burgess vs. William Burgess, motion hour; judgment and repayment of arrears order entered.
Amanda T. Faulconer vs. Brian Garnett Faulconer, motion hour; remand from docket upon motion, order remanding entered.
Jessica K. Beagle vs. Kelly Paul Hudgins, contempt hearing; admits to contempt, sentencing set.
Terrell Mitchell Sutton vs. Tabitha Nechelle Sutton, motion hour; (motion for child support, motion to set support), agreed order to be submitted.
Rachel K. Winkle vs. Christopher A. Winkle, motion hour; remand from docket.
Shannon Armstrong vs. William Thomas Jeffrey Armstrong, contempt hearing; contempt of court, sentencing set.
Tammy Eileen McNees vs. Alishia L. Banks, motion hour; (motion for child support), remand from docket, order remanding entered.
Heather Astell Jones vs. Timothy Brandon Callahan, contempt hearing; admission of contempt, sentencing set.
Samantha Joe Fugate vs. Christopher Ray Hogge, motion hour; (motion for child support), agreed order of support entered.
Christy Warner vs. Christopher Taylor Hurst, motion hour; (motion for child support), order of support entered.
Candace Lace Slade vs. Oscar Renato Lopez, motion hour; (motion for show cause) agreed order of support entered, order remanding entered.
Whitney Moreland vs. William Simpson, domestic; order for no support entered, pending adoption.
Kim White vs. Tony White, motion hour; (motion for child support), remand from docket.
Tara Rhoades vs. David Wilburn, motion hour; agreed judgment of arrearages entered.
Electra Feeback vs. William Williams, motion hour; (motion to suppress), remand from docket.
Michelle L. Miller vs. Richard D. Barton, domestic violence; EPO remains, re-issued summons for service.
Monica Lynn Hernandez vs. Antonio Gonzales, domestic violence; no contact for 2 years, withdraw EPO.
Cheryl Denise Bell vs. Carl Edward Purnell, domestic violence; by agreement, no contact with child.