Harrison Family Court

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Judge Barbara Paul
presiding March 6, 2013
Jessica Lee Custard vs. Joseph S. Custard, domestic; testimony taken, decree and findings entered.
Bryon Coppage vs. Mary Coppage, review; decree entered.
James Russell Feeback vs. Rebecca Ruth Feeback, review; agreed order entered.
Dermon King Jr. vs. Teresa Faye King, review; pass motion to be re-noticed.
Craig Steven Levi vs. Ashley M. Levi, review; decree entered.
Heather Ladick Riddell vs. Noel Christian Riddell, review; agreed order entered, transfer to Fayette Family Court.
Rebecca Lynn Sturgill vs. Cameron L. Sturgill, review; order entered.
Katheryn Michelle Greene vs. Kendall James Dixon, review; counseling completed, remand from docket.
Darla B.  Collins vs. Richard (Rick) Gussler, domestic violence; dismiss on request, withdraw EPO.
Jessica Lynn Hensley vs. Jason Eugene Hensley, 1981, review; counseling complete, fees paid, remand from docket.
Tabitha Fields vs. Alfonzo Plez Bowman, domestic violence; by request is overruled or withdrawn.
Tabitha Fields vs. Alfonzo Plez Bowman, domestic violence; dismissed on request, withdraw EPO.
Deana Carroll McKinney vs. Tiffany Lynn McKinney, domestic violence; DVO for 6 months, no contact.
Virginia Lee Richardson vs. Charles David Tucker, domestic violence; continue EPO.