Harrison County Sheriff's Report

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Oct. 2--Dep. Joe Daniel served a complaint warrant from Harrison District Court to Brandon J. Milner for theft by unlawful taking (under $500.)
Oct. 4--Dep. Lance Hutchison served a complaint warrant from Harrison District Court to Gary W. Doyle for escape (3rd degree), fleeing or evading (2nd degree, on foot), criminal trespassing (2nd degree) and criminal mischief (3rd degree.)
Oct. 5--Dep. Joe Daniel served an arrest warrant from Franklin Circuit Court to Mechelle L. Armstrong for failure to appear.
Oct. 5--Dep. Joe Daniel served an arrest warrant from Fayette Circuit Court to John T. Reed for contempt of Court libel/slander, resistance to order.
Oct. 6--Dep. Robert Peak served an arrest warrant from Pendleton Family Court to Jennifer A. Noble for contempt of court libel/slander, resistance to order.
Sept. 19--Dep. Robert Puckett responded to Morning Glory Road concerning a harassment complaint by Mattie Bolton against Paul R. Fryman. The complaint stems from a bus stop incident involving the children of Bolton and a grandchild of Fryman.
Sept. 20--Sheriff Shain Stephens took a report from Ervin K. Oberholtzer who stated that while delivering a building to James Chambers, he struck and damaged a Bluegrass Energy line.
Sept. 21--Dep. Nathan Gasser took a report from Mattie Bolton which stated that Paul Fryman was continuing to harass her children at the bus stop. She advised that he had made threats to throw rocks at the eight-year-old child, just as that child allegedly did to his grandson.
Sept. 21--Dep. Nathan Gasser responded to a residence on KY 392 for a domestic-related family disturbance. Mary Brooks advised that she had asked her husband Edward J. Brooks, what he wanted to eat, which prompted an argument. Mr. Brooks was asked to leave by a friend, which he did. There was no physical contact between the parties involved.
Sept. 21--Dep. Nathan Olin responded to a burglary complaint called in by Martin Waits at his residence. Person(s) made entry into the residence and took property belonging to Mrs. Waits from her bedroom and a spare bedroom.
Sept. 22--Dep. Dean Hutchison responded to US 62 west in reference to a trespassing complaint made by George Darnell against Kentucky Wired. An employee of Kentucky Wired had begun work on Mr. Darnell’s property, in violation of a court order to not do work until after an eminent domain hearing was held in court, scheduled for Sept. 28.
Sept. 25--Dep. Dean Hutchison took a report from Kylie Vaughn who stated that tools had been stolen from his storage shed.
Sept. 25--Dep. Dean Hutchison took a report from Chelsie A. Turner, who said that she was assaulted by her boyfriend, Joshua W. Griffith. She is seven months pregnant and said that her boyfriend demanded sex with her and she refused, then left the house. While she was walking, he got in his vehicle and swerved at her, causing her to fall into a ditch-line. He grabbed her backpack and was pulling it, causing scratches and abrasions to her left wrist.
Sept. 26--Dep. Dean Hutchison took a report from Richard Wolsing who stated that someone had broken into his home and a barn and had stolen property from him.
Sept. 26--Dep. Lance Hutchison and Dep. Joe Daniel responded to Windy Ridge Road concerning tires being slashed, reported by Gregory Lefleur.
Sept. 26--Dep. Robert Peak took a report from Valerie Doyle about her Honda CRV sustaining property damage. According to Dep. Peak, the vehicle apparently had paint melted by heat or an unknown chemical.
Sept. 26--Dep. Tuan Kreer responded to Dixon Road for an animal complaint. Wayne Ball complained that his neighbor, Burt Sheldon, had dogs that were barking all day and all night. Dep. Kreer met with Mr. Sheldon and advised him to control his dogs or he would be charged with a nuisance violation.
Sept. 27--Dep. Nathan Gasser took a report from Todd Hersha who stated that vehicles were avoiding a rough patch on Sky Lane and running onto his property, damaging his lawn.
Sept. 27--Dep. Lance Hutchison responded to Junction Pike for a burglary in progress. Ingred Dennis said that someone had kicked in a door at her residence, and entered the home, but had left. The victim stated that the burglar was a white male with black hair, a medium build and was wearing a short-sleeved shirt that was light gray or white in color and was carrying a bag.
Oct. 3--Dep. Tuan Kreer worked a two-vehicle side-swipe accident on Newtown-Leesburg Road, six miles west of Cynthiana. Jason Akers and Melissa Riley were traveling in opposite directions and side-swiped each other in a narrow part of the road, hitting mirrors.
Oct. 8--Dep. Nathan Gasser worked a two-vehicle accident in the Walmart parking lot. Christopher Turner was stopped in a parking aisle waiting for a vehicle to pull out of a parking spot. Charity Sparks did not see the Turner vehicle and backed into the side of the vehicle.