Harrison County Family Court

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Judge Barbara Paul
presiding Aug. 8, 2012
Allenda Kaye Huber vs. Jeffrey Donald Huber, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Dennis A. Hyatt II vs. Sonja D. Hyatt, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Jennifer Lynn Ritchie vs. Michael David Ritchie Jr., domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.
Larry Wayne White vs. Roxanne G. White, domestic; pass to be re-noticed.
James A. Brown vs. Brenda Kay Brown, motion hour; (motion to dismiss, motion for continuance), passed to be re-noticed.
Amber Cummings vs. Lucas Cummings, review; order entered.
James Edward Fugate vs. Angela Renee Fugate, motion hour; (motion for temporary custody), agreed order entered.
Bailey Jordan Brown-Hicks vs. Stephen Dale Hicks, motion hour; motion has been complied.
Rae Jean Thompson vs. Michael Roy Thompson, motion hour; (motion for hearing), testimony taken, decree entered.
Emily Mae Vance vs. Chad Evans Vance, motion hour; (motion to withdraw), motion sustained, order entered.
Chad Levi Whitaker vs. Amanda Susan Ring Whitaker, motion hour; med. agreed order entered.
Amber Gaylene Fick vs. Robert Douglas Fryman Jr., review; DVO dismissed, remand from docket.