Harrison County Family Court

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By The Staff


Judge Barbara Paul

presiding Jan. 20, 2010


Robert Alvin Franklin vs. Debbie Lynn Franklin, domestic; testimony taken, decree entered.

Michael Scott Wilson vs. ee^Robin Abshear, review; (motion to withdraw, motion for visitation), withdrawn order entered.

Diana Rae Barnes vs. Jeffrey Bruce Barnes, review; decree entered.

Sherry Bruner vs. Douglas Bruner, motion hour; (motion for exclusive use of the marital residence, temporary maintenance and temporary child support), temporary order.

Jennifer Dawn Davis vs. Brian Scott Davis, motion hour; no one present, passed to be re-noticed.

Paula Sue Lyons vs. Terry Jack Lyons, motion hour; (motion for hearing), motion withdrawn, to be re-noticed.

William McFarland III vs. James McFarland, motion hour; no service, to be re-noticed.

Bobbie Jo Bruin vs. Thomas Layton Bruin Sr., motion hour; order entered to remand from docket.

Monica L. Hawkins vs. Jay Glenn Hawkins, motion hour; agreed order of support entered, agreed order entered for medical expenses.

Rachel Elizabeth Ritchie vs. Stephen Bruce Ritchie, motion hour; (motion to transfer), motion sustained, transfer to Bourbon County.

Steven Thomas Rose vs. Traci J. Rose, motion hour; order entered remanding from docket.

Anna Carol Stanfield vs. Douglas Clay Stanfield, motion hour; (motion for review), agreed order previously entered.

Andrea Lynn Warmouth vs. Richard Walter Dean Warmouth, motion hour; (motion for child support), order to remand from docket.


Patricia Ann Fuson vs. Bernard Dal Corbiere, domestic violence; report filed, completed groups, remand from docket.

Cassandra Nicole Jordan vs. Robert Shawn Jordan, domestic violence; DVO entered, same conditions as EPO.

Katherine Elizabeth Clark vs. Sesario Solis Perez, domestic violence; dismissed.

Christina Ann Pergram vs. Michael Pergram Jr., review; report filed, no treatment necessary, remand from docket.

MaryLouise Porter Glasscock vs. Robert Thomas Glasscock, domestic violence; order entered.

Kasey True Hitch vs. William Edward Hinton, domestic violence; do not meet relationship test, dismissed.

Jeffery Allen Hendren vs. Judith Pryor Lachance, domestic violence; dismissed.

Candace Elaine Beagle vs. Clinton Keith O’Brien, domestic violence; order, 2 years vacate, visit to be supervised.