Harrison County Circuit Court

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By The Staff


Judge Robert McGinnis

presiding Nov. 4, 2008


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Donald Baker, motion hour; (motion confirming sale, taking credit and ordering deed), sustained order, deed approved.

Chase Home Finance, Inc. vs. William Allen Butcher, motion hour; sustained judgment.

Household Finance Corporation vs. Priscilla Spriggs, motion hour; (motion for distribution of funds), approved.

EMC Mortgage Corporation vs. Leroy Conner, motion hour; (motion-approve execution of replacement deed), sustained order, deed approved.

Chase Home Finance vs. Oliver Conley, motion hour; withdrawn.

Central Bank and Trust vs. The Gardening Angels, Inc., motion hour; sustained judgment.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA vs. Thomas W. Owsley, motion hour; (motion to file amended complaint), sustained order.

Kentucky Bank vs. Herbert F. Bennett Jr., motion hour; sustained judgment.