Harrison County cheerleaders preparing for another exciting season

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By Mike Aldridge

Coach Jessica Reynolds and the Harrison County cheerleaders do not actually have an off season.  
At the end of each school year the seniors move on to college or to a chosen field and new young ladies take their place.  
The work continues with new programs and material put in place for the next year of competition and cheering on the Fillies and Breds.  
The cheerleaders have three seniors this year to lead them into the 2013-14 season. Ally Barnett, Kinsey Lesak and Kaitlin Williams will lend their experience and poise to help mold the rest of the squad into top competitors.  
Four juniors are on the Harrison County cheer squad this year. The Moss twins, Kimie and Kiah, are joined by fellow juniors Makayla Ravenscraft and Sabreena Strickland.  
Autumn Standfield and Lauren Rosensteel represent the sophomore class while freshman Sarah Holland is the only first-year high school student to make the squad.  
The largest class of the entire squad is the eighth grade.  
Five eighth grade students will lend their talents to the high school squad making this a most unusual team for Coach Reynolds. Alyssa Kilpela, Anna Blake McDaniel, Jordan McDaniel, Olivia Partin and Bailey Thornsberry will be the middle school young ladies on the high school varsity team.  
“This is the smallest and youngest squad in a long time, but they are packed with talent and determination,” said Reynolds. “I don’t think that being young will hurt us, if anything I think these girls are ready to make their statement.”
The KAPOS region competition this year will be held at Nicholas County High School on Nov. 23. This will be followed by the state finals, which will be in Lexington at the All Tech Arena. The competition is earlier this year and for the fist time at the All Tech Arena.  KAPOS has left the long standing tradition of holding the finals in Diddle Arena in Bowling Green.  
The football season begins with a match up with Fleming County on Aug. 23 so the cheer leaders have been busy preparing while scrambling for a practice venue.  
The elementary all purpose rooms are not available this season so the resourceful girls have been given permission to use the new city hall facilities to practice a couple of times a week.   
“We are working hard to get our game material ready to cheer on the Fillies and Breds along with the routines for the region and state,” concluded Reynolds.
It is a long, hard season with hardly any time to relax for the 16-person cheer squad.  But, as in previous years, they will be in the thick of the battle when the competition begins come November.