Graduation location should serve the needs of families

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By The Staff

To the editor:

We, as parents, are concerned about the choice of venue for Harrison County High School graduation exercises and the capacity/ticket limit that venue may dictate.

What family member will be told they cannot attend? Will it be the grandfather/grandmother, aunt/uncle, sister/brother who have babysat and helped raise the graduate while mom and dad are at work to provide for the family?

Who do we choose to say, Thank you for helping raise our child, but there is no room for you at graduation? More importantly, for children of divorced parents, there may be two moms and two dads, stepsisters and stepbrothers. Who has to stay home and only look at pictures of the graduation?

We are asking that school officials seriously consider moving the graduation exercises to accommodate the families and extended families. To all the moms and dads out there who are facing this capacity limit, and know you will be hurting family members when you tell them there are no tickets or room for them, make your voice known to the decision makers so we can all enjoy this very special time with our graduate of 2008.

Missy Varney

Shannon Allison