A Gentleman and a SCHOLAR

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By Ben Hyatt


Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts has  aHarrison County student ready to pursue a career in film production and directing.

Wylie Caudill, 17, recently returned from a three-week program held at Transylvania University in Lexington that helped hone his skills in becoming the next Christopher Nolan.

Without so much as an advanced computer class, Caudill, an upcoming junior, was selected to take part in the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts program.

“I auditioned for two different categories, new media and visual art,” said Caudill. “I chose new media.”

One of only 10 selected students for the whole state of Kentucky for the new media category, Caudill also set a bar for being the only Harrison County student selected for the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts for 2013.

“It was fun to see all of these bigger schools from Lexington and Louisville have multiple students present at the program,” said Caudill. “And then there I was. The only one from Harrison County. It made me very proud.”

During the three-week-long program Caudill and his fellow program enthusiasts were able to work with professional editing and movie making equipment at Transylvania University and develop their very own short film.

“I really got into movie making in the past few years, along with photo shop and film photography,” explained Caudill. “I sit down in the basement and just create using my imagination.”

While at Transylvania University, Caudill and his fellow team members worked with other students in musical and acting programs to help write a score, script and film a short video in just a few days.

“It was a real challenge to not only write everything quickly but then rehearse and get it shot,” said Caudill. “But it was a good kind of challenge. The type that makes you better at something.”

Caudill said he would not have been able to pursue his developing dream of one day becoming a director of films without the ongoing support of his parents Fred and Amanda.

“My parents are very encouraging and supportive of me,” said Caudill. “That makes chasing your goals so much easier.”

Caudill said that his experience has only added to the fire to make something of himself.

“I still am not really sure where I want to go to school, but I am sure that I want to study something in this type of field,” said Caudill. “This has been the most influential experience that I have ever had and I am very thankful to have lived it.”