Gas price fixing

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To the editor:
A couple of weeks ago I had occasion to drive to Lexington. As I drove through town I noticed that all of the gas stations I passed had raised their gas prices to $3.45 a gallon. I guess they had all purchased new gas at the same time.
As I got to Paris and then Lexington I noticed the prices all range from $3.26 to $3.30 which is typical of local prices to other counties.
On Feb. 23 I went to Lexington again and every station I passed had $3.75 per gallon prices.
As far as I’m concerned this is price fixing and is in violation of conspiracy laws.
I spent 30 years in the insurance world and every rate change had to be approved by each state and the profit each company made was limited by state government. Instead of consistently swilling at the trough our politicians (who consider themselves our uncrowned royalty) should actually do something about this situation. Instead of favoring drilling, drilling, drilling, try a little common sense regarding all of the oil companies making billions of dollars.
Now that one of those shining silver gas trailers has reached a minimum retail value in excess of $300,000 they remind me of the Mad Max movie. Watch out.
Something has to be done. Instead of listening to the vitriolic B.S. by a bunch fat millionaires about Iran, abortion and the other scare tactics they pick, we need to push this problem.
Call Sen. R.J. Palmer and Rep. Tom McKee. Call the attorney general. If they can’t help, get rid of them.
Think before you vote.

Ronald D. Dumm
Cynthiana, Ky.