Freedom is not free

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To the editor:

We have heard this for years. Martin Luther King’s “I’ve a dream” of love for one another, respect, and try to help each other to be the best we can be. With every freedom there is an obligation to obey spiritual and natural laws.

We all know of individuals who participated in our quest for freedom. I joined members of my family and friends by being in the military service. One of my brothers was a casualty at Pearl Harbor; have friends who gave all in the Air Force and other branches of service who fought for our freedom. So remember “Freedom is not free.” We all have an obligation to do our best to preserve our freedom.

We have been given this world and life to enjoy. We must maintain this freedom by doing what’s right even though we must fight materially and spiritually for freedom.

We don’t need drugs or alcohol to reach a good life. Moderation in everything will keep our bodies in good shape to better serve Our Creator, now and forever. A little prayer everyday will lighten the load.

John C. Schreiber

 Cynthiana, Ky.