Father honored for service during WWII and Korean War

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Our father, Noel Phillips Sr. was with the 735th Tank Battalion under the command of General George S. Patton during World War II. Dad entered the war in August of 1944 in France. He was in the 735th until the end of the European war that ended on his 20th birthday.

In September, my dad attended his annual reunion with the 735th in Indianapolis. Thursday, Friday and most of the day Saturday, the ‘Tankers’ set around reliving the battles and their war experiences. With the youngest ‘Tanker’ being 84, they did not venture far from the motel, other than to eat.

Saturday night was their banquet, with many family members attending. During the meeting, two men stood at the banquet room door and asked if they could speak to the men. They entered the room with 35 other Norwegian Christians, who had been touring the Midwest. They were staying at the same motel and heard some WWII American veterans were there. The speaker of the group wanted to thank the men for what they did during the war, explaining Norway was under German occupation for five years and was liberated by American forces. After singing their national anthem and one other native song in their language and saying ‘thank you’ again, they left. With many tears and being almost speechless, most family members then realized the part their father, grandfather and great-grandfather played in bringing freedom to many countries.

So this Veterans Day, thank all veterans you know for their service.

Thank you, Dad, for your service during WWII and Korea, and for all you have done for your wife and kids.

Noel Phillips Jr., Brenda Dennis, Harold Phillips

(all from Harrison County) and Judy Hill  (Georgetown, Ky.)