Farms need kids like the world needs food

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By Ben Hyatt

Silly lawmakers, don’t they know that agriculture is just as much for kids as it is for adults?
This past Monday, a few of my coworkers came to my office  to ask me what I thought of a proposed law that was trying to be past, which would basically eliminate child help on the farms.
After a few choice words slipping from my mouth, which I directed toward any person who would even toy with such an idea, I began to think how I would have turned out minus the farm background.
To my knowledge this was a plan which was suggested under the Obama administration and has thankfully been pulled back.
The plan, if you could even call it so, would eliminate children under 18 years of age from working “in the storing, marketing and transporting of farm product raw materials.”
According to a press release by the Department of Labor, the plan would eliminate children under the age of 18 from working at country grain elevators, grain bins, silos, feed lots, stockyards, livestock exchanges and livestock auctions.
First off, if children on farms are no longer able to help then I guess we would be teaching them that being lazy is ok.
Therefore, children no longer working on farms would no doubt be at a higher risk for obesity and to my knowledge I thought the Obama’s were trying to nip that in the bud.
I guess the President could not change the obesity problem so he thought he would encourage it?
Seriously, having no child able to work on the farm is a scary deal.
Farming has always had its own tradition in the way things get done.
In the past, farming families were very large due to the fact that help was provided by each member of the family.
To this day, we still allow kids to work on farms as a way of cutting down on the need for hired help and to teach life lessons to our future generation.
Eliminating kids from working on the farm only signs the death to small local farmers who are unable to pay the required government standard payment to hired help.
In that statement I am not saying that we should not pay younger adults for their help however, I would be more apt to pay a younger family member money to help pay for their first car, rather than pay someone who will only blow it on beer.
Furthermore, think of the lessons that are learned while farming.
Many of my childhood life-lessons were learned while helping my family on the farm.
I learned how to drive, be on time, make things grow, take care of animals and many other principles that are needed to be successful in our world today.
I have not even scratched the surface of the hard work ethics that come from spending your morning snapping the tops off tobacco or evenings throwing hay onto a wagon.
It sounds cheesy, but the sweat of many younger kids have been swept away as they help their families do the things necessary for them to make it and those kids have a better grasp on reality than any lawmaker.
I am unsure of what I really had intended when I wrote this. Maybe it was to vent over such an ignorant attempt on taking more away from the citizens or maybe it was to alert everyone that our political leaders are turning our country into a total mess.
Anyway, I hope voters will take more time in selecting who they want in office.
Don’t be fooled by the fancy signs and commercials. Elect someone who really has the peoples’ best interest on their agenda... if someone like that even exists.