Farmers Mill prepared to help bring the aroma of baking breads to area kitchens

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By Becky Barnes

Chris Trenkamp is looking forward to the baking season. Hes anxious for the homes of Harrison County to be filled with the smells of fresh-baked breads and sugary holiday cookies.

This will be the first baking season that Trenkamp and his family will be supplying all the baking needs that any good baker will want.

Farmers Mill opened at Harrison Square in April and has already been dolling our flours and spices ... with a little twist ... or twist tie as it might be.

Farmers Mill is a bulk food store. The Trenkamps purchase large quantities of everything from wheat berries, which is used in making wheat berry flour, to potato chips. There are gluten-free flours, which are good for those who have specific food allergies. Flours, grains and sugars are just a few of the items sealed into a clean bag so that customers can see what they are purchasing.

Likewise, Trenkamp reduces his bulk supply of spices into see-through plastic containers.

A lot of people like to see what they are buying, Trenkamp said.

Not only is there the benefit of seeing what you are buying, there is also a plus in freshness.

He said customers have commented that they dont have to use as much of any given spice because it is stronger than the grocery store brands.

Trenkamp, who lives in Carlisle, said he opened the business in Cynthiana because of its central location.

Much of the items on the Farmers Mill shelves are only available locally in his store.

He said having it available close to home keeps people from having to make a trip to Lexington for unusual items.

In the deli, where they have plate lunches as well as made-to-order sandwiches, you can also find Amish butter, 22 varieties of cheeses, 17 different luncheon meats and five mustards. The Amish butter is hand-rolled and wrapped in butcher paper.

Our butter sales have doubled in the last six weeks, Trenkamp said, noting that once people try it, they come back for more.

Trenkamp allows anyone a taste from the deli before they buy.

Id rather have a customer taste something than to get it, not enjoy it and have a bad experience, he said.

In addition to the ensuing baking season, Trenkamp is looking forward to the holiday season for expanding his catering. He said he will have country hams cooked and sliced to order.

Currently, the Trenkamps arent doing their own baking. However, he said that is something to look forward to in the coming months.

Farmers Mill will also be getting in 120 new items to go along with the baking season.

Fall and winter are the biggest times for that, he said. I want to make sure I have what people want.

Farmers Mill is opened Tuesday through Saturday. Although its a family business, customers will be most likely to catch Chris and his two daughters, Elizabeth and Samantha, in the store. Chris and Tracy also have two sons Ryan and Anthony, whom she home schools.

Trenkamp said he has found his niche.

We have to carry items that people cant get anywhere else.