Everyone just wants to be ‘liked’

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By Becky Barnes

No body wants to be the last person picked for any team. I know, I was usually the scrawny, freckle-faced, redhead who was the left-over player.
I wasn’t ever really “picked” because I was what was left.
It’s all about being “liked.”
Now, nearly 50 years later, being liked has a new avenue of validation. It’s called facebook.
I don’t spend a lot of time on facebook with the whole social networking thing, but it has proven a great way to catch up with some old friends and to stay in touch with new ones.
I used to think that social networking was going to Walmart twice a week whether I needed to buy anything or not.
This year was my HCHS Class of 1976’s 35-year reunion. Classmate Ramona Davis started a facebook page just for those classmates. In the days leading up to the reunion, it was great to see who was planning to come and what they had been up to for the last 35 years.
Being informed was great.
A few weeks ago, Josh Guthrie, The Cynthiana Democrat’s IT guru, started a facebook page for readers of this newspaper.
Two things are happening here: We want to be “liked” and you can be informed.
We post updates throughout the week that give readers or facebook followers a preview of what the news department is working on. You don’t have to be a Cynthiana Democrat subscriber, although we would certainly appreciate those who choose to do so. You just have to “like” us.
Go to facebook and type in The Cynthiana Democrat. Once our page pops up, “like”  us.
Then get an idea of what’s coming up in that week’s edition.
Also, use that avenue to inform us. Let us know what’s going on around you. Give us some story ideas and feedback.
As the “like” numbers increase, I know I’ll feel less and less like that little child that never, truly, got picked.
• • • • • •
Every two years The Cynthiana Democrat hosts a Taste of Home Cooking School.
It’s a great night of fun.  The Cynthiana Lions Club members and Harrison Extension Homemakers pitch in to work some of the behind the scenes stuff, but the cooking is done by a Taste of Home kitchen expert.
I’m not really sure how she can tell if or when her dishes are done with no smoke alarm on the stage at Harrison County High School.
This year’s event will be held Thursday, Oct. 27, with the doors opening at 5 p.m. and the school underway at 6:30 p.m.
Tickets are now on sale for $10 each at the newspaper office, Ken’s NewMarket in Cynthiana, Paris or Flemingsburg, Maysville Community and Technical College Licking Valley Campus, Harrison County Extension office or The Comforts of Home in Georgetown.
Some lucky winners will walk out with dishes prepared by the instructor as well as other door prizes from local businesses, including bags of groceries from Ken’s.
Everyone will receive a free goodie bag.