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By Kate Darnell

There’s several occupations I know I should never try.

I could never be a farmer... although I was recently successful in my attempt to herd a calf into its field after it strayed into the Darnell backyard last week.

I could never be a teacher. I wasn’t granted the gift of patience.

I could never be a semi-truck driver. My mom’s van is the largest thing I should be allowed to drive.

And I could never be an emergency medical service worker.

When my job as a reporter (where I don’t have to herd animals, be patient or drive big vehicles) takes me to an accident scene, I’m always amazed by the group of individuals that beat me there.

At a recent accident, I stood on the side of the highway, mesmerized by the EMS workers on the scene.

It was a hot day. I could see they were sweating.

I stood there, perplexed as to how they were going to be able to help the victims, still trapped in their vehicle.

But I appeared to be the only one questioning how this was all going to play out.

EMTs calmly and collectively, were able to orchestrate a way to remove the victims from the car, get them both on stretchers and treat them accordingly.

And the entire time, they treated the victim/their patient with the same care and kindness I would expect they would have shared with their own family members.

“What’s your name?” I heard the patient say, as she lay on the stretcher, looking up at EMT Alitia Hill.

“My name is Alitia,” Alitia said back to her.

There’s no doubt in my mind that these EMS workers are the reason many people survive after terrible car accidents or heart attacks or strokes, etc.

Perhaps sometimes EMS workers get overlooked. But no one would argue that when medical attention is needed in an emergency situation, EMS workers are vital.

This week is EMS appreciation week. I think it’s important we all take the time to thank these men and women who continue to save lives in Harrison County.

I believe it takes a very special person, with very special characteristics and gifts to do what EMS workers do on a daily basis.

And while medical emergencies are never fun, it’s good to know Harrison County has EMS workers who are ready and prepared for any situation that may and will arise.