Election is one for the ages

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To the editor:
The November elections are no doubt the most important of my lifetime. I am quite concerned about the weakness of our economy, the lack of optimism in the job market, the government’s runaway spending of money that we do not have, and the creep of socialism.
As a Christian, I feel that there are even greater issues than these, however. The media calls them “social issues.”
I prefer to think of them as “Christian concerns.” Before I consider supporting a candidate for any office these days, I first find out where he or she stands on three “social issues.” My first concern is this: where does the candidate stand on abortion? God gives life, and a candidate’s attitude toward the helpless unborn reveals must about his/her moral foundation. The second concern I have is this: will the candidate do whatever he/she can to make sure the tax dollars of pro-life Christians are not given to pay for abortions? Over the years, many politicians have said they personally oppose abortion, but they have done nothing to stop legislation that favors abortion. My third concern: where does the candidate stand on marriage? Jesus Christ defined marriage as the lifelong union of one male and one female. (Matthew 19:4-5). The Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 agrees with Jesus’ definition. Will my candidate stand up for traditional, Biblical marriage?
When I first find a candidate that satisfies me on my three areas of moral concern, I find that I am generally in agreement with the rest of his/her platform. It’s not really surprising that a candidate that possesses moral high ground has principles in other areas as well.

John L. Chamberlin
pastor, Faith Baptist Church