EKPC plans to raise rates for new coal-burning power plant

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By The Staff

To the editor:

The East Kentucky Power Cooperative plans to raise our electricity rates to build a new coal-burning power plant. They claim that demand for electricity will increase in the coming years, that the new plant will create jobs, and that their new plant will not add to our air pollution.

What EKPC won’t tell you is that two recent studies clearly demonstrate that these claims are misleading or false.

EKPC won’t tell you that investment in energy efficiency reduces the demand for electricity. Improving efficiency would also reduce our electric bills. So improving the efficiency of our homes and businesses would both reduce demand and our electric bills. EKPC wants to raise both.

EKPC won’t tell you that increased efficiency and investment in clean energy technologies will create more jobs in Kentucky than a new power plant.

EKPC is not telling us the truth about “clean coal” technology. It doesn’t exist. There are clean energy sources out there and EKPC should invest in these, not an energy source that is on its way out.

If we all tell EKPC we don’t want our rates raised to build a new power plant and that we want them to invest in energy efficiency and clean power technology they will have to listen. Isn’t that what it means to be a cooperative?

Mark Konty

Blue Grass Energy Co-op Member

Paint Lick, Ky.