Editorial: Public loses experience in candidate withdrawals

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By The Staff

Two of Cynthianas city commissioners announced last week that they were withdrawing their bids for re-election.

Their decisions will give Cynthiana voters two less viable candidates to vote for in May.

Bill Doan and James Martin have endured much in their three terms of office. They have each served with two mayors who lead with very different styles.

The commissioners weathered two terms with former Mayor Virgie Wells and two-thirds of their most recent term with Mayor Jim Brown.

There was no formal announcement at last weeks commission meeting. The two commissioners declined comment beyond their written statements regarding their decisions to end their political careers with the city at the conclusion of this term in December.

By all appearances, city government is operating smoothly. However, something is at the root of their decisions. Maybe we will know, beyond the patent family considerations, in December. Maybe we will never know.

What is important to note is that 12 years of experience in city business will be lost as well as two public officials who served their community with integrity and distinction.