Economic Development Authority officially launches website

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By Joshua Shepherd

The Economic Development Authority’s (EDA) promotional website for Harrison County went live officially on Monday morning to promote this area to new businesses.
EDA chair and acting executive director Frazer LeBus informed board members that the website was ready to launch during their regular meeting last Thursday morning.
 Chip Clark, a web programmer with the Bluegrass Area Development District, put the finishing touches on the website with additional photographs of key development sites and profiles of such community assets as the Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport, LeBus said.
The EDA invites the public to visit the site at www.itsallgoodincynthiana.com and offer creative suggestions for the website to be useful in its goals to promote Harrison County.
Following the website’s launch, board members discussed the possibility of opening some pages to advertising and sponsorship.
“Maintaining the website is going to involve some annual costs,” LeBus said.
In addition to regular annual costs, board member Sheila Currans also pointed out that the website would need to be updated to keep information current.
Furthermore, the website will also need to have some promotion itself, most of which would not be available to them for free.
Though there was no firm decision made, the EDA felt that their user demographics would be appealing to some local advertisers. It would also help the website become self-supportive.
Speaking of new businesses, LeBus informed the EDA that Nick Grisanti, a project manager for the Kentucky Department for Business Development, and several local officials met with a representative of a furniture firm concerning potential locations in Cynthiana to establish a manufacturing plant.
The furniture maker was visiting several different sites for evaluation purposes, LeBus said.
“There’s not likely to be any news about a potential offer until the middle of June 2014,” LeBus said.
In other business, the EDA board:
• Heard an update on the application process to obtain economic development money through the county and city for the construction of the Welding Academy.
• The zoning overlay for the Harrison County Business Park has yet to be approved by either the city commission or the fiscal court because their respective attorneys had yet to review the suggested changes. The delay, LeBus said, was to the EDA’s advantage as there may need to be some details worked out.
•EDA board members have been receiving calls from local farmers concerning the farm field located in the agricultural section of the industrial park. EDA members had nothing but compliments for the farmer who has been given permission to raise a soybean crop on the land.
Many felt that he has exceeded their expectations and done many things to improve the quality of the land.
“He has kept both entrances well maintained. He’s even removed tree stumps and large rocks from the fields,” Wayland Quisenberry observed.
Although there was sentiment to maintain the lease with the existing farmer, the EDA may be required to open the land up for bids.
Until that point was clarified, the EDA tabled making a decision on leasing the land for 2014.