Driver evades law enforcement after striking parked truck

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By Josh Shepherd, News writer

A Berry man successfully fled from law enforcement officers Saturday night following a vehicle accident on Berry-Kelat Road, which is likely the result of a drunk driver.

Harrison County Deputies Tuan Kreer and Nathan Olin responded to a report of a hit-and-run collision on Berry-Kelat Road at 8 p.m. 

According to the report, a maroon Ford Mustang was seen going out of control on  the country highway and ran into an International Tractor Trailer belonging to Daniel Barnwell. The tractor trailer was parked in the front yard of Barnwell’s home.

The deputies were informed that the driver, described as a white man with facial hair and a white t-shirt, was seen running away from the scene of the accident.

The Mustang is registered to John W. Hall, 39, of 58 Beckett Road in Berry.

At the scene, deputies found several open containers of alcohol, reportedly “still cold and fresh.” Officers also reported that the car reeked of alcohol.

As they were investigating the scene, dispatch informed deputies that an apparently intoxicated man fitting the description of the driver was  asking to use a phone from residents along Carr Road, less than a quarter-mile from their location.

Moving to the new location, Kreer reported seeing Hall standing in the doorway of a barn on Carr Road. Kreer identified himself as an officer and yelled for the Hall to stop. 

Hall, instead, chose to flee from officers into the nearby woods. Though the officers chased after him, Hall managed to elude arrest.

A check of Hall’s residence in Berry later in the evening failed to turn anything up. There were no residents at home. Hall has yet to be apprehended.

 The Ford Mustang, in the meanwhile, was towed and held as evidence in the case.