Double nickle weather will greet weekend parade

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By Becky Barnes

It’s supposed to be 55 degrees and partly sunny Saturday afternoon when Cynthiana’s annual Christmas parade rolls through Cynthiana.
The double nickels will be balmy compared to some Christmas parades past.
I believe I’ve covered the parades since the beginning of time, well maybe not that long, but certainly my fair share.
I’ve stood on Pike Street while a brisk wind would deal snow flakes through the buildings and land them peacefully in the path of floats and horses.
Some of the best parades were those that had that Christmas feel... You know, when you go inside after the last horse and pooper scooper and realize that your entire body is itching from the sting of the cold.
Even before glove manufacturers began making gloves with open fingertips, I would clip the ends out of mine so I could focus the camera and maintain some semblance of warmth.
I don’t ever remember a cancelled parade. Rain, snow, sleet or ice, nothing keeps the parade down.
It will follow the same route this year that it has taken in recent years with a beginning at River Road and onto Pleasant Street. Cynthiana’s firetrucks will lead the line to Main Street then on to Pearl Street and right on Walnut. It will procede to Pike Street and back to Main Street.
One year there were so many floats and horse entries that the front of the parade met up with the back. The lead had to take a last-minute route deviation to avoid a bottle neck. I believe that’s when the route changed the following year to go up Pearl Street instead of Penn Street.
I love the parade. I love hearing the Harrison County Marching band ring sounds of Christmas through the streets. I love seeing the cherub faces of children as they bundle onto the back of floats or hide inside beribboned packages.
I love the majestic horses with their nostrils flaring from the excitement and their riders sitting proudly on a spit-polished saddle.
I love seeing the dignitaries of the community.
This year one of those dignitaries will be the grand marshal. Cynthiana City Commissioner Billy Grayson, who is also superintendent of the Battle Grove Cemetery, will ride at the front of the pack.
I love seeing the Daileys’ golden retrievers with their noses sticking out of windows.
I love watching children watching the parade pass by. Many will be wearing mittens that are too big and knit caps pulled so low that only their eyes are visible.
I love how all of Cynthiana comes out to see the parade and will stand there in the cold no matter how long it takes.
Who doesn’t love a parade?
Come out for the festivities on Saturday at 4 p.m. to witness the sights and sounds of the holiday season.