Doram enrolled in dual credit classes at MCTC/Licking Valley Campus

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Jordan Doram, a senior at Harrison County High School, is also dual enrolled at MCTC/Licking Valley Campus.  
She has already successfully completed 15 credit hours on the Hilltop, and she is planning to transfer these credits to a four-year university.
Doram said she focused on getting college started so that when she goes to a university she will be able to take the classes she needs in her major.  
It is her plan to major in a field that will enable her to work in the field of athletic training. She hopes to play college basketball as well.
For the last seven years, she has been playing at Harrison County High School, first as junior varsity and then varsity. Her father is her major encourager and has helped her as she developed her skills.
She also said that Kimberly Furnish is a major reason why she has been able to develop her skills.
“The Licking Valley Campus is beneficial to me because of the cheaper cost of taking general education classes,” Doram said. “Licking Valley Campus is hands-on and prepares me for after high school. My college English 101 and 102 goes more in depth than high school. It’s easier to ask more questions in smaller classes at Licking Valley Campus and this will help me adjust when I must be in larger classes at a four-year university.”
Dual credit classes are offered at MCTC/Licking Valley Campus to high school juniors and seniors at half off the regular MCTC tuition.  
Students may take day, night or online classes.  Students may be enrolled once the pre-requisites are met.
“Jordon is an excellent example of the possibilities that our high school students are offered with the presence of a college right across the street from their school,” K. Bruce Florence said. “These opportunities are available and we are anxious to be able to provide them to as many students as are interested in this advancement.”
For more information about dual credit and pre-requisites required, stop by the Hilltop or call 859-234-8626 extension 66400.