Don't start it unless you know you can finish it

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By Ben Hyatt

Normally I refrain from talking about issues pertaining to county or city issues even though my editor would argue that it is part of my job.
Whether it is dealing with money issues or how development property could best serve our citizens, I simply never like putting myself out for criticism when its my ideas being read.
However, I was approached this past weekend by a couple talking about development projects in our community and simply felt compelled to share their thoughts, which heavily shadow the same feelings that I have.
Community development. Believe it or not my degree in college was heavily influenced on the matter of community leadership and development, which I guess gives me half of an excuse to say something about the matter.
With money issues due to bad economic times, local money must be spent with great discretion.
That being said let us look at some of the “bad” spending that has been done in the past and the lack of enthusiasm for correcting possible bad investments..
Our community has a real issue with starting projects and never fully finishing them to their original potential.
Whether it is the industrial park, which was purchased for around $800,000 and currently serves as home to only one business in the community, or Flat Run Veterans Park, need I say more?
In 1999, the Cynthiana-Harrison County Industrial Economic Development Authority decided to purchase the property located on US 62, to develop and offer sections to businesses to relocate to Harrison County.
The idea is great. The more businesses there are in Harrison County the more money is generated.
However, only one business, Bluegrass Energy, took the initiative to relocate on the industrial park property.
I understand that businesses are hard for money just as everyone is, which could play a role in the lack of development inside the property lines of the industrial park.
What is being done about it? Not one time since I have started attending the Harrison County Fiscal Court meetings has anything in detail been said about the industrial park, other than some of the magistrates speaking under their breathes about it being another dead-end project.
Harrison County and Cynthiana, it has your name on it therefor I consider it your baby to take care of.
The same can and is said about Flat-Run Veteran’s Park.
Each year thousands of dollars are spent by the county to maintain the parks, especially FRVP, yet nothing is being done with it.
I wonder if the mayor and county judge-executive can come to terms with what should be done with it, which is sad because that I know that the judge and magistrates want to utilize the ground for events.
A jungle-gym, skateboard park, Farmer’s Market and a scarcely used walking trail are all that is offered at the $660,000-plus “investment.”
The city and the county at this time, in my eyes have many loose-ends to tie as far as projects are concerned.
Due to the fact that I am still not certain as to what will happen with the new recreation department I will leave it alone for now, however, there are things that need changing there as well.
How about we start a project that we can finish to its fullest.
I hope that the reformation of the Harrison County Recreation Board will pull through and the community will once again enjoy more events, other than simply youth soccer and baseball.
I hope that after the future proposed Parks and Recreation is established FRVP will begin to take the shape of what it had been intended to give the citizens whose tax dollars were spent to purchase it.
I hope we can decide our long-term goals for city and county property that are simply sitting with little to no effort being pumped into making it self-sustainable.
Last, I hope one day our city and county officials can work more closely together to develop our community instead of only worrying about what the other is doing.
Two heads are better than one and it is simply not possible for our community to thrive if both parties are not on the same page.
The current fiscal court and city commissioners may not have been directly responsible for the purchasing of some of the stagnate properties but they do have the influence to change their status.
Citizens, become involved and start showing how much you care about the future of our community.
It is like voting, if you never attend the meetings or discuss issues with your local officials, then you forfeit the right to complain.