Disappointed in newspaper coverage of William Chambers’ death

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To the editor:
It is such a shame that we praise our town drunk for being “Such a character” and who has cost our community thousands of dollars for making up charges just to get him to be arrested and housed inside jails so he wouldn’t be hungry or freeze to death. Yet, you bash a young man like William Chambers for being a young kid who liked to have fun and enjoy his life. A man who acknowledged his mistakes that he had made and paid for them the very same day that he lost his young life. A man who worked hard, paid his taxes, and wasn’t a burden to the community. He impacted so many lives of others and was a great all around person.
I am very disappointed that our local newspaper couldn’t show what kind of person William was, instead showed his mistakes, in which every person makes. What William done in the past is in the past and should have never been mentioned in the article about his death. It sounded like you pretty much made him out to be a criminal who deserved to loose his life for what he had done in the weeks before. How do you think the article in the paper is going to make Williams family feel? They have enough to go through without seeing that this town they call home didn’t show any remorse to their son who lost his life. But you praise somebody like Obie? I will no longer support your newspaper and will never buy one again or advertise my business in it again.
Caleb Ross