Disabled should get free spaying/neutering for pets

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By The Staff

To the editor:

It’s been two weeks since my letter went to press regarding our local gas not dropping under $3 a gallon and guess what now its $2.75 here and $2.68 in Georgetown. However with gas going down, groceries are going up. Is there any end to this? It’s all politics and war time. But no one was in favor of war except G.W. Bush and he went after the wrong man and it cost us over 4,000 lives lost and still the culprit roams free.

Now for my second point of view is the Harrison County Humane Society - they don’t mind asking for help and donations, but my beef is in Scott County. If you are a disabled pet owner they will spay or neuter your pet for free.

But in Harrison County - they draw 12 names every month for this service and all you can do is hope your name is drawn. And don’t give me that line, ‘We don’t have Toyota’s money.’ If they can pull 12 free names a month, then they can give free service to the pets of disabled owners without Toyota’s money.

Sandy Sageser