Deputy says injured juveniles ordered to move wrecked car

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By Joshua Shepherd

A Berry woman is facing several criminal charges stemming from an attempted cover up of a car accident Friday night in which injured juveniles were told to push the vehicle off the road, then all fled the scene leaving a bloody trail behind them.

According to the report filed by Harrison County Deputy Sheriff Tuan Kreer, the deputy was dispatched to Robinson Berry Road near KY 32 at 11:48 p.m. to investigate a single vehicle accident that apparently involved injuries.

Though there was no one at the scene, Kreer reported seeing large amounts of fresh blood on the front hood and inside the vehicle. He also noted a trail of blood leading away from the accident. While searching the area, Kreer discovered a purse that belonged to Amber Shadd, 29, about 400 feet from the wreck.

At that point, the Harrison County Fire department was called to help search the area for persons injured in the accident.

Two injured juveniles, both 17, were found and transported by ambulance to Harrison Memorial Hospital for treatment. Another 16-year-old teen involved in the accident managed to avoid injury.

Shadd was found with her two children, ages 7 and 12, hiding from police and fire personnel in downtown Berry. All three were transported to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

According to the report, Shadd allegedly purchased vodka for herself and the teenagers from The Yellow Rose earlier that evening.

Having determined later on in the night that she was too drunk to drive, she asked one of the juveniles, for whom she had bought alcohol, to drive her car back home while she remained in the back seat with her children.

The juvenile informed Shadd that they did not have a driver’s license at the time, the report said. The juvenile registered a .008 alcohol level while being treated at Harrison Memorial, the report said.

Shadd, according to the report, registered a .087 alcohol level when she was found on Second Street in Berry.

The wreck, said the report, involved the car going into a ditch, striking a tree, and possibly overturning on the driver’s side. Everyone in the car suffered some kind of injury, said the report.

Rather than reporting the incident, however, Shadd asked the injured teenagers to help push her car off the road and flee the scene of the accident.

After being presented with reports from those involved and being informed of her rights, Shadd admitted to Kreer that she had allowed an underage person to drive her car while under the influence of alcohol that she had supplied them.

 Kreer then reminded Shadd of the last time she had admitted to not having car insurance. It was during a hit and run investigation last August. Kreer had told her then not to move the car from the driveway until she had bought insurance.