Decision to sell is Hassalls only

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I would like to respond to the recent editorial entitled “Extreme Makeover home was a gift and should not be sold.” Confusion would best describe my state of mind upon reading this article. It is  true that I am not a resident of Cynthiana although my life centers around it in every way. I understand small towns and their people. I understand the support that is usually bestowed upon residents of a small town. So, naturally, I found it confusing that a member of the community of Cynthiana would publicly criticize and judge a private decision made by another member.

The Hassall family was given a gift—a wonderful gift—by the ABC Home Makeover Edition. The community and its businesses supported this endeavor and I am sure has given a great amount of support to this family throughout the years. With this being said, do we not live in an independent and capitalist society? Who are we to berate someone for choosing to sell a house? It is no one’s business but the Hassall’s as to what is done with this piece of property. It is just that—a piece of property. It is not hurting the businesses or the community. 

In reference to the comments made in Thursday’s (May 21) editorial, Ms. Sageser needs to realize that it is not her situation, her life or her choice. If quotes concerning God and religion are going to be made, then allow me to remind you that, as Christians, we are not supposed to be judgmental. God may have provided them with the answered prayers in their time of need, but it is not an act of blasphemy to sell the house. Ms. Sageser is correct in saying that we should let go and let God be the center of the dilemma.  She should pay heed to her own words.

We cannot know every aspect of someone else’s life.  We cannot cast stones at someone lest we have them cast upon ourselves. So, show support for this family and remember that our business is our own and it is not our right or choice to decide for someone else. 

Nichole Caskey