Debate was a success

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To the editor:
The Harrison County Tea Party thanks the more than 60 people that attended the debates held at the Extension Office on Sept. 30. This is a prime example of how a non-partisan organization that focuses on today’s issues can help provide information to the community for the upcoming Nov. 6 election. Special appreciation is extended to: candidates Tom McKee, Bryan Lutz, Bill Adkins, and Andy Barr; Moderator Amber Philpott; WCYN, Chris Winkle and Doug Miller; Ben Hyatt, Cynthiana Democrat; and the Harrison County Extension office.
The Harrison county Tea Party is a 150-plus member grass roots organization made up of registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents with a shared belief in: adherence to: the US Constitution, governmental fiscal responsibility, and smaller less intrusive government that emphasizes free enterprise at the local, state, and national levels.
The Tea party meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Faith Baptist educational building, US 27 South. All citizens regardless of political affiliation are welcome.

Darwin Root