Dear Winter

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By The Staff

Dear Winter,

Two words for you. Go away.

Your biting winds, lingering snow and gripping ice have become annoying. They are no longer fun. One could daresay, they are a nuisance.

Road crews are tired, students are bored of snow days and stores are all out of shovels.

It may have been pretty when you covered Harrison County in a blanket of white the first time, but now the blankets of white seem  heavier (smothering, really)... and they soon turn to black when motorists are finally able to return to the roads.

You make people slip. You make people fall. You get people stuck. You make people slide.

Our snow boots are worn out. Our parka coats are dirty and we’re sick of looking like stuffed sausages in all our winter garb.

We’re tired of scraping windows, spreading salt, shoveling sidewalks, blowing driveways and plowing roads.

We have all taken a vote. You’re out. And in case you wanted to know, the only one that voted in your favor was Punxsutawney Phil.

But that ‘ole groundhog lost by a long shot.

So goodbye and fair riddance. Perhaps we’ll be excited to see you again in November, when the thought of being trapped at home with soup and hot chocolate will once again make us feel fuzzy inside.

But as for now, we’ll begin the search for the flip-flops, bathing suits and beach totes in the back of our closets.

Because in your place, we’ve invited spring. And we hear he’s bringing summer.


All those in favor of Spring