Data center is vital to Berry community, should be funded

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I am writing in regard to the magistrates’ meeting concerning the Berry Community Data Center. Having lived my entire adult life in Berry and my childhood just outside of Berry, I feel I have a definite interest in the town. I missed the meeting, which was my fault, but I am deeply disturbed with the results, especially with our own and nearby magistrates voting against the center. My thanks go to Alex Barnett for his confidence in our community and data center and to Eric Hadley for his help. Our mayor, Ken Abner, did everything in his power to secure outside funding for the center.

I, personally, use the center very frequently, as do many adults. This is not a babysitting service for children, but it is a learning aid for our tutoring service and it provides access to less fortunate children who could not otherwise look up information for their school assignments.

The comment was made that Buena Vista, Renaker and other communities in the county did not have a data center. They do not have sidewalks, city lights, a sewer system (which we are presently updating), a bank, a post office, a city fire department, a Lion’s Club, a city government, a state-of-the-art funeral home, three beautiful well-maintained churches, a Masonic Lodge Hall, a well-maintained park and an annual festival. The City of Berry has been an incorporated city since 1857. It was once larger than Cynthiana until a devastating fire took our downtown district. We do have many well kept, lovely homes, which gives us much pride. We also are disgraced by some homes where the weeds are taller than the house and some in a state of disrepair. Do not look at these places and assume that we are not a viable community. We love our city and are trying hard to improve in any way we can.

I understand that in six months the magistrates will meet again on the funding for our data center. I hope to have a delegation there. I know that our new magistrate, Larry Wells, sees the importance of this data center to our city. I ask that those who use the center will appeal to their magistrate to fund our center for another year.

Anna Cason

Berry, Ky.