Cynthiana son begins movie production in Scotland

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By Kayla Pickrell, Intern

A long lost, and thought dead, film script is being resurrected by Cynthiana native Dayle Teegarden and director and co-producer Ian Vaughan Jones.

The horror/zombie film, “Pinfall,” was originally supposed to be with the early-80s film “Creepshow” in its sequel, “Creepshow 2.” The original “Creepshow” was written by Stephen King and filmed by George Romero. “Creepshow 2” was written by George Romero, who was basing his stories off  of Stephen King’s.

“‘Pinfall’ was chucked away,” Teegarden said. “In short, it’s been lost for 30 years.”

So Teegarden and Jones decided to purchase the entire “Creepshow 2” script for $75. The owner of the script is unknown despite efforts by the partners.

Teegraden and Jones have their own film company in Scotland, where Teegarden lives, called Witch Tree Films. Teegarden has acted with the company before, but “Pinfall” will be the first film he has produced.

The plot for “Pinfall” involves two bowling teams in a competition. 

One team, in which Teegarden plays the lead role, is the laid back, beer-drinking, smoking, “happy-go-lucky” team that really doesn’t care about winning or losing the cash prize and championship name.

The other team is die-hard bowlers who will do anything to win, including killing the other team.

When the serious team is successful in killing Teegarden’s team, the dead come back to life as zombies and seek revenge.

Teegarden is not releasing names of the characters, so his role is “The Dude” temporarily. Teegarden mentioned the film will be a combination of “The Big Lebowski” meets “Shaun of the Dead.”

Teegarden has already secured a bowling alley in Scotland called Pro Bowl in Camelon. He said the bowling alley had a very 80s vibe to it that would work perfectly with the movie.

“The bowling alley is really good about it and is really working with us,” Teegarden said.

To produce the movie, it will cost Witch Tree Films 6,000 pounds or about $10,000.

“This would be the bare minimum,” Teegarden said. “This would be without cutting corners, but with no room for error.”

So far, the partners have conducted two fundraisers. One was selling limited edition T-shirts for “Pinfall,” which was successful. The second was a Kickstarter, in which the team met its goal of 1,000 pounds. 

A Kickstarter is an online donation program in which ideas are brought to life by people who want to see them happen. Each idea has donation levels, where the donator can get something in return. These “perks” are a way to give back and promote the community, Teegarden said. 

For example, Pro Bowl gets to have its name in all of the movie trailers and promotions, just as any other business would if they promote the film through donations.

Teegarden said they have another fundraiser in mid-August to raise between 5,000 and 6,000 pounds and that would be their last big fundraiser before they film. This would be using a site very similar to Kickstarter called indiegogo.com.

Teegarden is reaching out to Cynthiana for support. Although he lives in Scotland now with his wife and five children, Teegarden’s heart is still in Cynthiana.

Teegarden doesn’t get to visit Cynthiana often, mainly because of the cost trying to fly with seven people, and the last time he visited was four years ago. His mom, Linda Teegarden, still lives in Cynthiana and visits him often.

Teegarden’s children range from 22 to 2 years old. Randall, 22, was born in Cynthiana. When Teegarden moved to Los Angeles, he met his wife, Lauren. They had two children in the States, Tristan, 11, and Zachary, 10. He and his wife had two children in Scotland, Cohen, 6, and Kai, 2. They moved to Scotland so that Lauren could be with  her family more often.

Teegarden said he gets more acting jobs in Scotland than he did in Los Angeles.

Teegarden lived in Cynthiana until he was 25. He was always involved in church and school plays. 

“That’s all it took for me to get the bug to act,” Teegarden said.

He has now been acting for over 20 years.

“I’d love to come back and act,” Teegarden said. He mentioned that he would love to work with the Rohs Opera House.

In the mean time, Teegarden and Jones are getting to work shooting a trailer at the end of July. This would include a scene or “small tidbit” of the ending to the film.