Cynthiana Sin The’ Shaolin test held July 11

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The Cynthiana Shaolin Sin The’ Karate Club gave advancement test to students eligible for rank advancement. Students test four times a year, once each quarter. The students must demonstrate their knowledge of the Shaolin system by performing kata, weapons, and sparring.
Katas are movements that demonstrate skills such as punches, kicks and postures that link together to become what is called Kata. The movements learned can then be used in self-defense if needed.   Kata without use of weapons is sometimes referred to as Empty Hand Forms, meaning self-defense without weapons.    Weapons learned are numerous and could include anything from a Short Stick to various swords, spears, axes etc. Possessing weapons was forbidden in China so in order to protect themselves many farmers learned to use common farming tools as weapons.
Shaolin Monks approximately 1500 years ago began collecting and practicing all the various ways of self protection. Monks who studied and became skilled in these forms became known as Warrior Monks. They protected the Shaolin Temples and area residents from thieves and invading armies.