Cynthiana Police Explorer team competes in Winterfest

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On Saturday, Feb. 9, the Explorer Post 714 participated in the annual Winterfest competition held in Gatlinburg, Tenn. They competed in six events on Saturday, two of which the group had not trained for yet. The post showed a marked improvement of the last year and it showed in the results.
The police competition consisted of 48 posts and 72 teams from 11 different states. Cynthiana placed as follows:
• Warrant service: 28 teams competed and Cynthiana placed 23rd. The post has not had formal training for this event and did well. Explorer Will Hicks answered three of the four bonus questions in this event and was the only Explorer at the competition to do so. All other posts answered two or less.
• Felony Traffic Stop: Cynthiana placed 13th out of 32 teams. They improved 11 places from last year and the Explorers were complemented by the unit running this event as very professional.
• Accident Investigation:   Placed 8th out of 18. This team consisted of two experienced explorers and two rookies. These four Explorers had to go over the training on the morning of the 9th as they have not trained on this yet. They showed poise and nerves as they went about this event. The Tennessee State Police ran this event and advised that, for a group that has not trained on this, they were impressed.
• Active Shooter: The Cynthiana team placed 19th out of the 25 teams competing. The group moved well and showed great officer safety in this event.
• Physical Fitness Challenge: Out of 44 teams competing Cynthiana placed 30th. Derrick Nunnely competed in this individual event. He showed a time of three minutes and two seconds.
• Written Exam: Results for the exam has not been posted yet which will only show the top three scores. The score will be announced when it is available.