Cynthiana Police Department

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Case reports
Jan. 24 -- At 1:29 p.m., Seth Smith of Walmart Asset Protection reported that he observed Jennifer Bishop concealing items in a Walmart shopping bag. The items totaled $55.67. Bourbon County Detention Center confirmed that the arrestee was inn fact Jennifer Bishop, who had told police her name was Ashley Haws.
Jan. 25 --  At 1:52 a.m., Amber Whittinghill, Berry, reported that a white male with a gray mustache and wearing a camouflage fleece toboggan, blue jeans and white shoes entered Shell Apple Market asked for a can of dip. When she opened the cash register after scanning the dip, the man reached across the counter trying to take cash from the drawer. Whittinghill said she tried to close the drawer but caught his fingers in the drawer. He tried to push her away and she shoved him back which is when he ran from the store.
Jan. 25 -- At 1:19 p.m., Seth Smith of Walmart said two subjects were witnessed inside the store concealing a set of headphones. When confronted at the exit Christopher Withers allegedly handed the headphones to Smith then he and Jerricha McCord fled in a green Toyota passenger car. Police are seeking a complaint.
Jan. 25 -- At 3:08 p.m., Jessica E. Jewell, 108 S. Elmarch Ave, reported that Derrick Stewart was in her home and when he left she noticed her daughter’s Epad was missing. Other items were later reported missing as well. Jewell’s mother, Laura Sandy, said a missing laptop computer and xbox should have either her or her daughter’s name on them in marker.
Jan. 25 -- At 5:49 p.m., a report was made of a 13-year-old juvenile who had been inside Biancke’s for sometime. The owner said the boy was welcome there and that he had not been in any trouble. However, police took the teen home and spoke with his mother who said the boy was allowed to come and go as he pleased.
Jan. 25 -- At 6:21 p.m., Seth Smith of Walmart said two people were inside the store and attempting to leave without paying for merchandise. Police arrested Angie M. Haney, Paris. It was determined that Haney and her alleged accomplice had taken $341.45 worth of meat and clothing. Haney had less than $1 on her person.
Jan. 26 -- At 12:03 a.m., Misty Early, 411 Broadway, reported that she was driving her brother’s truck and it was parked at 228 S. Walnut St. While she was in Ronnie’s Bar someone punctured the tire. The vehicle is owned by Jason Early.
Jan. 28 -- At 3:43 p.m., Raymond Motell, 18, reported that his wallet was lost, stolen or misplaced. It only contained his driver’s license and social security number. He said he was afraid someone would use the information to get credit cards.
Jan. 28 -- At 12:01 p.m., Moody Swinford, public work supervisor, reported that while workers were on First Street working on a drain, an Aaron’s delivery truck clipped the mirror on the city’s truck Brian Sechrest, who was driving Aaron’s truck said there was no damage to his truck and that he believes the ramp on the back of the truck caught the mirror and broke it off.
Jan. 28 -- At 9:28 a.m., Becky Lewis, 205 Battle Grove Ave, reported that she witnessed Travis Gardner attempting to go into her garage. When she asked what he was doing, he said he was looking for his dog. He left and she saw him put something in his truck from her neighbor’s home. The item appeared to be a tool box. Ms. Lewis took a photograph with her phone and called police. While searching for the vehicle, Margaret Ammerman, Pleasant Street, reported that she had just caught a subject fitting Gardner’s description attempting to break into her garage. Police located the Gardner on Wilson Avenue and told police that he hadn’t been driving the car. However, police said the engine on the car was hot. Gardner told police he had picked up Chase Rose and given him a ride to the area. When police entered the residence, Rose was asleep on the couch and had apparently not left the residence all day. Police were given permission by the vehicle’s owner to search the car and found a bar, gloves, screwdriver and light. Upon returning to 252 Wilson Ave. later, police found several items that were reported stolen. They were found stashed under the residence.
Jan. 30 -- At 4:48 p.m., police received a juvenile complaint that three girls were sending messages to set up a fight. They were each advised that the text messages could be considered harassing communications.
Jan. 30 -- At 6:22 p.m., Roger Lewis, 313 W. Pearl St., reported that someone entered the residence and removed a Playstation 3 ad a camouflage controller. The system had a game inside. Lewis told police he had called Bell’s Pawn Shop and that a PS3 had been received there earlier that day On Jan. 31, police went to Bell’s. The item matched the description police were given. The case remains open.
Jan. 31 -- At 5:03 p.m., Rebecca Boone reported that the residence where she had previously lived that had been burned was broken into and several items with an estimated value of $310 were missing from the home. The residence is at 107 N. Locust St.
Feb. 1 --  At 2:57 p.m., April Fite reported that there had been a posting on Facebook by Joyce Shelton asking if Fite had been involved in an incident last year involving Ashley Williams. Because the women had previously been advised to have no contact, Fite notified police. Shelton was again advised that any contact could be considered harassing communications and to avoid future contact.
Feb. 1 -- At 4:27 p.m., Chasity Fryman, 127 Walnut St., reported a theft from a storage unit on Waterwork-Abdallah Road. She said several electronic items had been taken and that it had to have occurred after Jan. 1 when she was last at the unit.
Feb. 1 -- At 5:12 p.m., Kathy S. Sowder, Elmarch Ave., reported that while she and her husband were inside their 2006 Chevrolet Malibu at Save-A-Lot, a passenger in the car next to them opened the door into the driver’s side of the Malibu. The vehicle was driven by Jeremiah Palmer.
Feb. 2 -- At 1:12 a.m., Mindy Courtney reported suspicious activity at her residence. She said a white SUV, believed to be a Toyota, pulled into her back yard at 309 N. Main Street. She said she suspected they were attempting to take a trailer parked there. Police found tracks to the trailer but no evidence that the trailer had been tampered with. There was damage to the yard.
Feb. 1 -- At 2:25 p.m., a report was made of a missing juvenile boy. The boy was supposed to go home with a friend in the county on Friday night. He had been seen at the Cynthiana Public Library and Biancke’s. He was later found at a residence in the county.
Feb. 3 -- At 4:25 p.m., Mary Todd Ashbrook reported that when she when to clean her father’s home while he was out of town, she found several syringes and an unidentified pill. Ashbrook said he sister, Taryn, is also staying at the house and is the only person who should be there. However, she suspects others have been staying there. The syringes were disposed of in a sharps container and the pill put in the police drop box.
Feb. 3 -- At 10:11 a.m., Joseph Sams, Robinson Road, reported that while clearing snow with a city-owned vehicle he collided with a tree stump and slid sideways of the road. The incident occurred at the intersection of Confederate Drive and Boyd Alley. Minor damage was reported to the passenger side door.
Feb. 3 -- At 3:47 p.m., Emma Spenneberg, 101 Harrison Ave., reported that her brown cigarette case was lost or stolen on Feb. 1 from her vehicle. She said the case contained important documents like her driver’s license, insurance card, Social Security card, etc. She was advised what she needed to do to have those documents replaced.
Feb. 3 -- At 5 p.m., Ashley Thompson, 105 Russ Ave., reported that Kevin Northcutt broke the glass from her front window. She later told police that she and Northcutt were arguing and that he was attempting to leave and she threw a candle holder and broke the window herself.
Arrests, citations, warnings
Jan. 31 -- Jeremy A. Stone, 28, on Harrison County warrants for probation violations (three charges), theft by unlawful taking under $500 (auto), first degree criminal trespass and receiving stolen property under $500.
Feb. 2 -- Amy J. Furnish, 39, was issued a warning on U.S. 27 South for speeding.
Feb. 2 -- Maribeth Midden, 42, was issued a warning on KY 32 East for speeding.
Feb. 2 -- Angela R. Lemons, 38, was arrested on Bourbon County warrants for no registration receipt, failure to maintain insurance and no registration plate.
Feb. 6 -- Taryn R. Seaman, 27, was arrested on a Wolfe County warrant for theft by unlawful taking under $500, shoplifting.
Feb. 6 -- Henry D. Hogg, 44, was arrested on Harrison County warrants for first degree wanton endangerment and first degree arson.
Feb. 6 -- Christobal Flores Jr., 34, was arrested on U.S. 27 South at Walmart and charged with theft by unlawful taking under $500 shoplifting, fleeing or evading police (motor vehicle), two counts of first degree wanton endangerment, second degree forgery, failure to register transfer of motor vehicle, failure to maintain insurance.
Feb. 7 -- Jackie L. Barnett, 32, was arrested on a Harrison County warrant for non-support.
Feb. 7 -- Robert P. Tucker, 28, was arrested on Harrison County warrants for two charges of trafficking in a controlled substance (cocaine), first degree criminal trespass (two charges), receiving stolen property under $500 (two charges) and persistent felony offender.