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Case reports

Jan. 16 -- At 11:59 p.m., police were called to 115 Battle Grove Ave. where Cindy Perkins reported that she received a text message from an unknown number asking her to come outside. Police found no one in the area. However, they did find fresh shoe prints that led to Elmarch Avenue.

Jan. 19 -- At 10:13 a.m., police received a call regarding a vehicle parked with its flashers going. The caller said the vehicle was parked along St. Clair Street and that it had been there much of the morning. When police arrived they found the air bags had been deployed  and there was damage to the car, a 2013 Chevrolet Spark. The keys were found inside the vehicle. The owner, Toni Turner, reportedly lived on Church Street and came to St Clair to retrieve the car after she was told it was on St. Clair. She told police she had left her keys in the pocket of her jacket and couldn’t remember if she locked her home behind her.

Jan. 19 -- At 5:06 p.m., police were called to assist Animal Control with two pit bull dogs that were running loose. The dogs belonged to Arthur Rasmussen at 209 Broadway Ave. They were found in fields beside Stokley Lane and returned to Rasmussen. However, they escaped and were loose again. This time Animal Control seized the dogs, citing that this was at least the sixth time in a year that such calls have been made.

Jan. 19 -- At 6:59 p.m., police were called to Parkside Manor where a resident was allegedly assaulting another resident. The incident was apparently over the television being too loud.

Jan. 20 -- At 2:15 p.m., Jimmy Perry reported that the driver’s side window was broken sometime after midnight.

Jan. 20 -- At 5:12 p.m., police were called to Shady Lawn Nursing Home regarding a verbal/physical assault between two residents.

Jan. 21 -- At 1:57 a.m., police made a welfare check on a man who wanted to harm himself. He was transported to Eastern State.

Jan. 21 -- At 9:12 a.m., police were advised of a Shady Lawn resident who had been bitten by a dog.

Jan. 21 -- At 12:24 p.m., Garrett Custard, 110 Lola Drive, reported that he had been jumped by four men who took cash and a cell phone. Two of the men were identified as Davi Stanley and Jason Stephenson Jr. both of whom were arrested and charged with second degree robbery. Stanley countered that there was no theft and that the incident was over marijuana that was allegedly taken from Stephenson the day before.

Jan. 21 -- At 1:50 p.m., police were involved in a high-speed chase in an assist with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department regarding suspects from recent burglaries. Police and deputies were able to get the fleeing vehicle and its passengers stopped on Rice Road, Johnathan Hawkins was arrested on city charges for fleeing or evading police first degree and disregarding stop sign. He also faces county charges.

Jan. 22 -- At 2:58 p.m., police responded to a juvenile issue on Federal Drive.

Jan. 23 -- At 2:17 p.m., Leroy Conner, 111 N. Poplar St., reported that an unknown vehicle and unknown driver was traveling on the sidewalk in front of his residence. He said the vehicle struck his trash can and knocked it into his vehicle causing damage. The path of the car was visible in the snow.

Jan. 23 -- At 2:21 p.m., Larry Baldwin reported that he was assaulted by Donald Covington. Baldwin told police he was inside his vehicle when Covington allegedly walked up and assaulted him. Baldwin said he has been harassed by Covington in the past. Covington was cited for fourth degree assault and third degree criminal mischief.

Jan. 24 -- At 11 a.m., Tim Burke reported that First Stop had a drive off. He said a maroon Dodge truck pumped $66.12 worth of gas and drove away without paying.

Jan. 24 -- At 12:48 p.m., Brittany  Sumpter reported that William Banks has been calling and texting her in violation of an Kentucky emergency protective order.

Jan. 24 -- At 1:09 p.m., Mary Lenz reported that she had $30 taken from her home on Smith Avenue. She said she had the money inside a cigarette pack. She alleges that Amber Fryman picked up the pack of cigarettes and left with them and the money. Lenz to seek complaint with county attorney.

Jan. 24 -- At 1:29 p.m., Seth Smith of Walmart asset protection reported that Ashley Michelle Haws concealed items and attempted to leave the store without paying for items totaling $55.67. She was arrested and charged with theft by unlawful taking, shoplifting under $500.

Jan. 25 -- At 12:36 a.m., police observed a vehicle parked on Federal Drive with two individuals inside. Police listed the case as suspicious activity due to multiple encounters with one of the occupants, Heather Durbin. Also in the vehicle was Timothy Garrison.

Arrests, citations,


Jan. 28 -- Olivia R. Courtney, 18, was cited on KY 32 East for speeding, 21 mph over the limit.

Jan. 28 -- Jason L. Stephenson Jr., 19, was arrested on Lola Drive on a warrant for second degree robbery.

Jan. 28 -- Davi D. Stanley, 21, was arrested on a Harrison County warrant for second degree robbery.

Jan. 29 -- Tabitha L. Reed, 31, was cited on West Pleasant Street for failure to maintain insurance, no/expired registration plate, no registration receipt.

Jan. 29 -- Daniel S. Cline, 36, was arrested on a Harrison County warrant for criminal possession of a forged instrument, second degree.

Jan. 29 -- Jennifer A. Noble, 23, was arrested on Clark County warrants for contempt of court and theft by unlawful taking under $500, shoplifting.

Jan. 29 -- Heather M. Brown, 28, was cited at 112 Cherokee Drive for operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license, failure to maintain insurance.

Jan. 29 -- Gerald R. Frizzell, 38, was arrested on Harrison  County warrants for non-support, possession of marijuana and probation violation.

Jan. 30 -- Heather S. Durbin, 32, was arrested on Harrison County warrants for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of controlled substance first degree (heroin).

Jan. 30 -- Christopher A. Withers, 31, was arrested on Harrison County warrants for theft by unlawful taking under $500, shoplifting, and fourth degree assault.

Jan. 30 -- Calvin A. Lancaster, 27, was arrested on a Harrison County warrant for operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license.

Jan. 30 -- Jerrica McCord, 26, was arrested on a Harrison County warrant for theft by unlawful taking under $500, shoplifting.

 Jan. 30 -- Kathy S. Hall, 45, was arrested on Bourbon County warrants for no registration receipt, failure to wear seat belt and speeding 20 mph over the limit.