Cynthiana Police Department

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Case reports
Nov. 2 -- At 12:52 a.m., Denise Krebs, Felicity, Ohio, reported that her 1998 Ford Mustang was loaned to Billy Delfor and Ashley Meeks and they did not return the vehicle when agreed. The phone number was also not a working number for her to make contact.
Nov. 2 -- At 9:06 p.m., David  Conner of Ken’s NewMarket reported that Joshua Hall was in the store and took eight packs of ribeye steaks and walked out without paying. He was identified on security video. A complaint for theft by unlawful taking was being sought.
Nov. 3 -- At 1:34 a.m., police were advised that an 18-year-old Cynthiana woman posted suicidal comments on tumblr.com. Police did a welfare check on the woman and transported her to Eastern State where she was evaluated and released.
Nov. 3 -- At 7:10 a.m., Martin Taylor reported that he gave $20 to a woman who was going to the store for him. Taylor said she left with the money and never returned.
Nov. 3 -- At 12 p.m., Paul M. Peters, 122 Marshall Ave., told police that his son had taken $240 from his bedroom.
Nov. 3 -- At 8:36 p.m., police were called to Locust Street where two juvenile males had been in a fight. One of the boys was taken to HMH by his mother for treatment of head and face injuries.
Nov. 4 -- At 8:07 a.m., Tim A. Basham, Owensboro, reported that items were taken from the job site near Harrison County Middle School where the field house is being constructed. Basham is the project manager. He told police that seven sticks of copper pipe, valued at $850 had been stolen. Entry to the building was gained by cutting a lock off the door.
Nov. 4 -- At 8:26 a.m., Dennis Motell, owner of Harrison County Auto, 209 N. Main St., reported that someone damaged a retaining wall by apparently driving off the wall. Several blocks were missing from the top of the wall. Replacement estimate is over $1,600.
Nov. 4 -- At 11:19 a.m., John W. Nichols,206 N. Locust St., reported that two trailers were stolen from his property at 815 KY 356. The value of the trailers is $2,000.
Nov. 4 -- At 11:55 a.m., police were called regarding a possible harassment. When police made contact with the woman, she said she was told the calls would stop.
Nov. 4 -- At 3:33 p.m., Samantha McCall reported that the drivers’ side door mirror was damaged while the vehicle was parked at Harrison County High School.
Nov. 4 -- At 3:54 p.m., Katherine G. Grayson, 234 Wilson Ave., reported that a package was stolen from her front porch. The package from Kohl’s was delivered on Oct. 28. She said she contacted the post office and talked with Postmaster Boyd Marx. He said the carrier reported suspicious activity the same day. The package contained $176 worth of merchandise.
Nov. 5 -- At 12:07 p.m., Thelma J. Stevens, Berry, reported that her brother’s home at 140 Elm St. Items missing were a Bible, vehicle title, property deed and Old Time pocket knives valued at $300.
Nov. 6 -- At 11:36 a.m., Randy Northcutt reported that scrap metal valued at $500 was taken from the Recycling Center. Northcutt is to seek a complaint with the county attorney.
Nov. 6 -- At 12:38 p.m., Jonathan Powers, 116 Elm St., reported that he was inside JB Mission Flea Market at 207 Pike St., and that his iPhone was stolen.
Nov. 6 -- At 5:06 p.m., police were called to Charlotte Drive for a death investigation.
Nov. 7 -- At 3:44 a.m., Gilbert Taylor, Georgetown, reported that Angela Taylor took his vehicle, a 2007 Toyota Camry, without consent.
Nov. 7 -- At 11 a.m., Timothy Christopher, 118 Walnut St., reported that he had been threatened by another man.
Nov. 8 -- At 7:54 a.m., Ashley Rice reported that she had been threatened by a man she knows as she attempted to enter her work at Edgemont and that he had assaulted her the previous week. Police told Joshua Moss that he was not allowed back on the property and charges would be filed if he persisted.
Nov. 9 -- At 10:43 a.m., police were called to HCHS where a student was found in possession of razor blades, cylinder pipe with burned residue and a snuff can containing a green leafy substance. Police took the items to be tested by Kentucky State Police.
Nov. 9 -- At 5:19 p.m., Seth Smith of Walmart Security reported that Brent Leigh had taken a $50 bottle of Silver Patron from the liquor store without paying. Police went to Leigh’s residence at 416 S. Elmarch Ave. and witnessed him sitting at the table drinking the liquor with another man. Leigh and Brad Bell were cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A complaint will be sought for shoplifting.
Nov. 9 -- At 1:48 a.m., police were called to Walmart for a female shoplifting suspect. Amanda Maze told police she was trying to get some items for Christmas. She had previously entered guilty pleas to charges from Mt. Sterling Walmart. She was then banned from all Walmart stores. Charges are pending.
Nov. 12 -- At 11:34 a.m., Patrick Moore was seen driving a Pontiac on Webster Avenue and then to Elmarch where he drove into a woman’s driveway and parked the car. Moore’s license are suspended. Police are seeking a criminal complaint for driving a motor vehicle on suspended license.
Nov. 12 -- At 5:01 p.m., John W. Nichols reported that a Samsung cell phone was taken from Cynthiana Pawn without being paid for. Security video showed the subject taking the phone. Thelma Stevens returned the phone and said that Tony Cadle picked it up believing that it was her phone. Nichols said he will still want to press charges.
Nov. 13 -- At 9:28 a.m., Jesse D. Morales, 234 N. Church St., reported that two extension ladders and the foot off of a claw-foot bathtub were taken from the residence along with $600 in cash. She said the cash was missing a while ago and the ladders were taken two days ago.
Nov. 14 -- At 11:11 a.m., police were called to the area around Cynthiana Baptist Church where James Coppage was said to be brandishing a large knife in public. Coppage was found with a large meat cleaver stuck down the front of his pants and hidden by his shirt. He told police he was carrying it for protection. Coppage was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.
Nov. 15 -- At 11:10 a.m., police were called to 105 Quail Lane for a domestic disturbance.
Nov. 14 -- At 12:14 p.m., Wanda K. Brewer, 121 N. Walnut St., reported that a Playstation3 and an HTC phone were taken by a woman she had allowed to spend the night. The woman called later stating that she was going to pawn the phone but realized she couldn’t and was going to return the items.
Nov. 14 -- At 12:50 p.m., Henry Hogg, 107 N. Locust St., reported that a window was broken out of the back of the house and a safe containing prescription medications was taken.
Nov. 14 -- At 5:54 p.m., Orville King of Sav-A-Lot reported that Stephen D. Hicks was in custody and had taken several items from the store without paying.
Nov. 17 -- At 3:52 p.m., Pedro Hernandez Diaz, 301 Pike St., reported that scooter was taken.
Nov. 18 -- At 3:22 a.m., Tabitha Fields, 308 W. Penn St., reported that the tire on her vehicle had been punctured. She told police she noticed the tire was flat when she got ready to leave work at Edgemont Manor.
Nov. 18 -- At 3:04 p.m., John Lineburger, 413 E. Pike St., reported that Betty Thompson was threatened by the supposed owner of the house where Thompson lives. Donald Spicer told police he was the owner and that he was going to ask Thompson to move, but that he had not threatened her.

Arrests, citations, warnings
Nov. 15 -- David S. Tyler, 25, was arrested on U.S. 27 South and charged with speeding 15 mph over the limit, and served two warrants for Scott county for no registration plate and failure to maintain insurance.
Nov. 15 -- Chad F. Kiskaden, 32, was arrested on three Harrison County warrants for theft by deception under $500.
Nov. 15 -- Cecil Ratliff Jr., 35, was arrested on a Nicholas County warrant for operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license.
Nov. 15 -- Jouna L. Hanible, 33, was arrested on Walnut Street and charged with alcohol intoxication.
Nov. 16 -- Ashley Britton, 16, was cited on Main Street for license to be in possession and intermediate license violations.
Nov. 16 -- John K. Knarr, 46, was cited on U.S. 27 South for careless driving.
Nov. 16 -- Lucas D.  Campbell, 29, was arrested on Ladish Road and charged with no/expired registration plate, operating on a suspended or revoked operator’s license, no registration receipt, failure to maintain insurance, failure to notify DOT of address change, and served warrants for public intoxication excluding alcohol, operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license, leaving the scene of accident/failure to render aid.
Nov. 17 -- Phillip H. Nickell II, 24, was cited on U.S. 27 South for no/expired registration plate, no registration receipt and failure to produce insurance card.
Nov. 18 -- Megan K. Northcutt, 27, was served a warning on Webster Avenue for improper turning.
Nov. 19 -- Justin D. Moore, 23, was cited on North Church Street for failure to produce insurance card and no registration receipt.
Nov. 19 -- Talmage S. Nickels, 28, was arrested at 326 S. Church St., on three Bourbon County warrants for second degree forgery, a Harrison County parole violation and new charges of possession of firearm by convicted felon, receiving stolen property (firearm) and receiving stolen property under $10,000.
Nov. 20 -- Angelica M. Richardson, 29, was arrested on Court Street on a warrant for non-support.
Nov. 20 -- Bobby J. Brewer, 31, was arrested on a warrant for non-support.
Nov. 20 -- Larry A. Wachter Jr., 26, was cited on KY 36 West for no/expired registration plate and failure to maintain insurance.
Nov. 20 -- Christopher Garcia, 41, was arrested on West Pike Street and charged with receiving stolen property under $10,000.
Nov. 20 -- Rhonda Rodriguez, 43, was arrested on U.S. 27 South and charged with no registration receipt, operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license, no/expired registration receipt, display illegal/altered registration plate, failure to maintain insurance, failure to produce insurance card.
Nov. 20 -- Electra N. Feeback, 30, was arrested on warrants for speeding 25 mph over the limit and license to be in possession.
Nov. 21 -- Christopher A. Mattox, 26, was arrested on Fayette County warrants for operating on a suspended or revoked operator’s license, no registration plate, failure to maintain insurance.