Cynthiana living up to small-town hospitality

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By: Kristie Hamon/Summer Intern

I had never been to Cynthiana before coming to work here. When I was preparing to start work, I came to town to see if I could find somewhere to stay for the 10 weeks I’ll be here. After collecting some phone numbers, I made a call. The first person I asked if they had something available gave me a stern, urgent, warning to not stay in Cynthiana and to instead commute from Georgetown. I wasn’t sure what to think after that and was a little cautious to keep looking for a place.
After talking to some different people and doing the math, I discovered that it would be cheaper to just commute from my home in Frankfort that is an hour from here.
After starting the work though, I found out right away how nice and welcoming everyone here really are. Everyone I’ve talked to has been very friendly and helpful and I really appreciate it coming here to a town I’m not familiar with.
One thing I enjoy about Cynthiana is how everyone knows everyone. I was surprised by how many people even know me, just from reading the story about me the first week I was here.
I never felt like my hometown of Frankfort was a “big town.” I guess I’m just used to the area. Cynthiana has a tighter sense of community that I’ve never before experienced.
It’s difficult coming to a town you’re not familiar with and  writing stories about things that the town already knows a history about. You have to learn a lot, and really fast. I have to learn names, places, street names, faces and of course about the story I am working on. Cynthiana has done a good job of helping me along the way though.
Last summer I worked at a daily newspaper that covered three counties in a high crime area two hours away from home. There, I could have been anyone working at any of the various papers in the three counties. I lived there, but that just made for lonely days. I already feel more welcome here in my third week than I did there in my tenth week.
I would never trade the experiences I had there, and the experience I gained, but I was starting to question what type of job I was seeking after graduation. After coming here though, I feel a lot more comfortable with my major, the work and the pace after experiencing the atmosphere of a weekly, single county newspaper.
So far, Cynthiana has taught me a lot and I look forward to the rest of the summer. Bare with me as I figure things out. I’m sure you’ll see me around. I’m the new face in town asking where Main Street and other basic places are.